The Necromancer's prophecy-Vision

by Artemis Stone
The power of the runes depend on the quality and the speed of which it is drawn."

Little Sky nodded. There was some kind of innocence in that seven-year-old that made him never to give up.

He raised his hands and using his father's wand he started making a simple basic elemental rune. He seemed to be slow but for his age group he was pretty fast.

And that sometimes created problems for him. He went a little wrong and the whole rune he created disappeared leaving nothing behind.

Sky was frustrated. All the time he tried tried there was something wrong or the other. His passion didn't let him give up but made his confidence go away each time his spell went wrong.

Little Sky didn't knew that he was really very small to be learning magic but he thought that he should have been better. His shy nature mostly prevented him from going out and play with his neighbours like normal children did.

So his father thought this to be an excellent idea to teach him some of the basics.

But the main reason was something else. Sky was different from any other children. Sometimes his father had seen things that he couldn't also explain. And he thought, which was mostly Sky's mother's idea, that learning at an early age could heal him.

"Come on Sky, you would be able to do the next time." Sky's father tried calming the fed up Sky.

"But daddy, I have been trying for so long but still can't do it!" the about-to-cry Sky replied.

His father was proud of his innocence and passion. He was once a powerful mage himself and knew what his son wanted. He went inside the house leaving Sky to stand there cross handed, angry that he couldn't perform such a easy spell, then returned with a potion, a calming potion.

Sky quickly jumped and took it from his father's hands. Little Sky didn't knew what it was but like it. It gave a really pleasant feeling.

His father smiled when he saw Sky smiling too.

Sky's mother made special that night. She enchanted the simple vegetables and gave them special flavours.

Sky had forgotten all about today's evening and was happy particularly because of the dinner and what was after that - the dessert.

He quickly ate his dinner in the hurry to eat the dessert. The food enchantments provided several benefits but had some of it's own problems.

One was that they didn't liked to be hurriedly eaten and not properly so they all tried to run away but Sky had no problem on stopping them whatsoever.

"Sky, eat slowly or you are going to become an animal that way." his mother scolded him.

"I have neweer headt of sometwihng so ridicwoloos." Sky replied with his mouth full of food.

Sky's mother was a very kind women. She was young and beautiful and also a lot responsible women. She was excelled in many different forms of magic and runes. Her hair was dark black hanging till her shoulders.

When Sky's father was out of town his mother would teach him and he learned pretty well with her.

Sky's father was a trader and A craftsman. They also owned a small amount of land and Sky and his mother would work there.

Sky still didn't listen and gobbled his food as fast as he wished to do ignoring his mother. He was really in a hurry to eat his dessert.

Sky didn't slept with his parents anymore. He felt himself big enough. Nor did he liked to go to bed early.

Here he was sent to bed really early just after he had furnished his dessert. He protested but he was out voted two to one.

He lay on his bed  silently, lights off, staring at the dark ceiling of his room. He was thinking about his future, what would he become once he grows up?

This question has come across his mind many times. Maybe a researcher...or an auror mage. He had no idea.

Just then a voice came from outside his room's door.

"Sky are you asleep?"

"Yes mother," was the reply which was seriously a dumb move.

After he was ordered to go back to sleep he closed his eyes and let the dreams cover him.

For some very terrifying moments Sky was in complete darkness. He couldn't sense anything around him. He couldn't feel anything. Like he was floating in mid air.

He knew that his eyes were open. He knew that somehow. He wasn't in his bedroom either. He wasn't dreaming.

There was nothing. Emptiness.

Sky wanted to cry. There suspended in nowhere he could feel madness covering him. Being a claustrophobic wasn't helping him either.

He was suffocating. He didn't have up though. He knew he had to be calm and brave. But then he realized he couldn't control it anymore.

A tear rolled down from his cheeks. Then there was another. He cried.

The out of the blue something happened. He felt something touching his feet. He was on ground again.

Sky was very relieved. He stopped crying and wiped his tears from his cheeks. He felt week. He thought that he wasn't going to stand up anymore.

Then he realized that he was in his own house. It was still very dark though. The moonlight wasn't entering from the windows anymore.

Slowly Sky made his way towards the living room. He was scared. Really scared. He wanted to run back to the room where his parents were sleeping. But he couldn't feel like he was going to make it. He wanted to shout for them. But no voice came from his mouth.

Sky didn't noticed the figure that was standing by the window looking down at something. But then when Sky began to sat down he immediately stood up and backed away.

"Wh-Who are you?" Sky's trembling voice came. He wasn't trying to be brave this time either.

The figure didn't moved. Sky couldn't see the figure's face in such darkness.
Sky silently moved forwards. Then he saw it.

When he came closer before seeing the intruder's face he saw what was that figure staring at.

On the ground were the dead bodies, of his mother and father.

Sky stared at them for some seconds trying to think what was going on. Then he fall for them.

"Mom! Dad!" he shouted crying tears rolling down his cheeks pretty fast.

"What did you do to them? I want my mom and dad back!" Sky shouted as he jumped for the intruder. He hit him with a few punches which didn't do any good.

Then he saw what nearly made him faint. It was a little older but it was his same face. He was staring at himself.
Then he felt a sudden pain in his head before he blacked out.

Sky's eyes suddenly opened. He was lying on the floor sweating. His mother and father were there looking all right but with a terrified expression on their face.

And most of all he had blood on his head.

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