The Necromancer's Prophecy-1

by Artemis Stone
The man was unaware that someone was following him. He entered the temple without noticing a dark hooded figure entering too.

The temple was shaped like a Pentagon and stood somewhere in the middle of nowhere. There were trees all over the sides the perfect disguise for a hidden temple.

Not only did the temple was covered with trees from all sides but was covered with magical spells so that it remain invisible to everyone.

The temple had stood there for hundred of years displaying a symbol of power. The whereabouts of that temple was unknown to everyone except a selected few.

That man was one of them. He wore a golden robe like a king would wear. His head was covered by a hood. He moved slowly up the stairs of the temple's entrance.
He reached and stopped between two bronze statutes of Gargoyles.

The gargoyles' wings were covered in red jewels which was a strange combination. One moment the gargoyles' eyes were blank the next moment it turned glowing red.

Without opening it's mouth a voice came from the statues


The man produced something that resembled a lot to a medallion. It had a sign of a star with a sword in it's middle. He pressed it on the forehead of the gargoyle on the left. He then made a strange sign by joining his fingers and began chanting something.

This was the time the hiding figure who was hiding behind the pillars came out, but didn't showed himself to the second man.

Instead he pulled his sleeves back revealing a long, dark and old hand. He stretched his index hand forward.

He then made a circle using his finger on air but a glowing circle actually appeared. Then moving his finger really fast he made a very complicated design inside. The rune started glowing in midair then disappeared.

The golden hooded man was two busy to notice it. The medallion had started glowing then it stopped. A huge door behind the statues started opening automatically. The door was so greatly designed that no one would have even thought that there was a door behind.

The man had constructed it with all his needs. There was no one who could enter inside without the medallion and the temple had all sorts of defensive mechanism constructed by magical spells from all over the world.
There was no way that anyone could enter or attack the temple.

As the men entered inside he expected the door to close on it's own so he without seeing it close with his own eyes moved inside.

But the hiding man knew better. Being a powerful mage the hooded man knew very good spells. The rune he did created was to stop the time of the gates so they were not going to close again.

He rushed inside and then closed the effect of the spell. The door closed again.

The golden robe man was running along the corridor. He somehow had the feeling that he was getting followed but he wasn't so sure. The corridor was completely golden. There were display of many things along the way which included ancient wands and scrolls containing very powerful spells.

The man didn't stop to look at his collection and sped up taking left a and rights and more lefts. The man following him wasn't having difficulty in following him. He had put an invisibility spell all over him so he couldn't be seen.

After a long way the former seemed to have reached his destination.

They were in a huge hall where in the middle was a big pool of green water. There were four pillars at the corners.

The walls were decorated with a picture of dragons that once roamed the land of Azarath. They were red colored and had steel fangs.

The golden robbed man removed his hood from his face revealing a handsome young face. He had blue eyes and a powerful jaw.

He walked to the edge of the pool then said,
"My lord the kings of Galavantia are planning an attack on us. I'm not so sure but I suspect so."

No one came but a voice said,

"What do you propose to do?"

This was not what he had expected. The voice was somehow different and coarse.

"My lord?"

There was a long silence. The man was about to ask again but suddenly from nowhere a hooded figure came rushing towards him. The former didn't notice it at first but he fell to the ground after he felt something sharp entering his neck. He knew that instant that he was dealing with a powerful mage here.

The hooded figure had used an arrow rune paralyzing his entire left part of the body. The latter quickly used a healing spell.

He turned and with lightening speed and made a fireball rune. But the hooded figure was far to fast.

He dodged the fireball and turned now with a sword in his hands. He made a swing but the former deflected it with a shield spell. The sword came fast and unexpectedly so the former didn't had time to complete the spell and the shield wasn't powerful enough to detect it for long time. A cut now appeared in his left hand.

But that time the hooded figure had used the invisibility spell again disappearing within the hall itself. The former suddenly realized whom he was fighting with. The invisibility spell was known to only few and those were the shadow clan. He suddenly felt a sword entering his back. He felt his body dying. He was about to use the healing rune but realized that it was probably too late.

He heard someone whisper in his ear,

"Delacross sends his regards."

Then he disappeared leaving a man to die there.

"So did you succeeded?"

"Yes my lord. King Sermon us dead."

"We will start it then."

"Yes my lord. The king underestimated the power of dark mage."

So did you enjoy it? Took me two hours to finish it. I enjoyed writing it too.

Hope you liked it. Please comment on what you thought of the chapter. The next chapter will be out soon which begins with something like,

Many, many years after...
Let others and the author know if you liked it

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M.D Khamil

M.D Khamil

October 18, 2016 - 13:35 Nice.

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