Battle of the Elves-3

by Artemis Stone
So I had reached the village of that strange name...isodenia or whatever. I met this strange elf who seemed to be not-so-dangerous at all except the fact that he knew my complete identity. That was enough to scare me to my end and gave me Goosebumps.

Anyway after he said that he knew I was a human I came OUT of my hiding and looked up. He saw my face and my blue eyes which was enough to send him a conformation that I was perfectly a human.

'You knew my father?' I asked.

'Of course,' he replied with a strange expression, 'he is very infamous in these parts for releasing that demon Cyredos.'

'But it wasn't really his fault,' I protested.

'How can you be so sure?' he asked which surprised because I didn't knew the answer to that one too.


'I'm afraid the villagers don't think like you do. Nobody thinks like you. They only want to believe what they think is better. They all believe ha all did this on purpose.'

Before I could say anything else he passed me a bowl of hot liquid which I knew was "soup".
'Free for the first customers,' he said with a grin. I took a sip. It felt tasty and I mean really tasty. If the world doesn't gets destroyed and I'm not dead either I'm certainly going to buy a thousand bowls. When I finished the old elf asked me,

'So, young boy, what does bring you here ?'

'I need to find the tomb of giants,' I replied licking the bowl clean,'I was told I would find it near the village of Isodenia.'

'And you are alone... that takes a lot courage.' It was nice for him to say the compliment but what could be the dangers in finding an old spell? A piece of cake.

'What do mean?' I asked.

'The god of death Hades stands there.' I thought he was joking. I mean Hades a god guarding a spell. has he ran out of jobs. But then I looked, his expression was deadly serious.

'But he lives in the underworld,' I said recalling a lesson my dad gave me on the ancient Greek gods.

'A portal connects the underworld to our own so whenever someone passes from there he releases the giant snake of chaos Apophis.' This time I really thought that he was perfectly joking. I mean an Egyptian god servant of a Greek god! HaHaHa...
But my laughter did when he again was giving me that deadly serious looks. UhOh I gasped. Now if this was true then I was really afraid because Apophis was known for its giant chaos. It was said that he once swallowed the whole sun and I wasn't really keen to fight him for a spell.
But if Cyredos was really going to destroy the world he had to be stopped.

'I'll go,' I said gathering all of my courage.

'Very well then,' the old elf said and went inside. he came back a minute later carrying a little box in his hands. He removed the lid revealing a small circular shining red stone inside.

'What is this?' I asked.

'You'll know when the right moment comes but for know take this box with you for it may protect you on you journey.' He handed me the box.\

I really hated it when the adults tried to be all mysterious but I took the box because if I'm really gonna fight with enemies like Hades then I'm gonna need all the protection I need so I took the box and saying farewell to the old elf I headed towards the Tomb of giants.
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