Who are we

Who We Are?

Actually it's not we but just me. Typotic was created somewhere in the late 2014, about exactly 28th of october. After some research I found that there isn't really a place for authors where they can publish anything they want and earn money with it. Just didn't feel fair. So many different communities and all they do is just earn money from what you publish.

So after some thinking we (me) decided to create a website where anyone, newbie and pro can publish what they want and then run ads on the site just like all the others except we give the money to the authors instead. Typotic is a place where you should have fun, make new friends, read things you like and clear your mind!

Why Choose Us?

why typotic is different than any other community

Everyone should have a chance to publish what's on their mind, professional or a complete newbie. We treat everyone the same here. There is no other literature community where anyone can publish and earn money at the same time.

Join Typotic and be part of the new publishing world where everyone can read and write for free and where authors get something for their hard work.

There is nothing to lose but only to gain!

  • Anyone can join and publish.
  • It's completely free.
  • Free competitions with prizes.
  • Earn money publishing.
  • Read anything for free.
  • Chat with authors and readers.
  • Earn true followers.
  • Ask us anything.
  • Earn more by sharing.
  • Receive feedback.
  • Follow other authors.
  • Create your own reading lists.
  • Detailed statistics about your posts.
  • We always pay.
  • We are different.

It's possible

  • Write Speak your mind
  • Read Read anything for free
  • Learn Receive feedback
  • Earn Get paid for having fun

It's all in one and fun!

Like what we are about? Sign up!