The necromancer's prophecy - The Fire

by Artemis Stone
Sky watched the night sky in silence. This was his favourite pass time for nights and sometimes afternoons when he wasn't practising runes.

He would come out to the forest and climb on to a long and old tree which was supposed to be there for more than two thousand years.

The tree was beside a stream with such clear water that made it almost transparent. It wasn't deep nor was wide enough but Sky didn't mind it at all.

He would pull back his sleeves and his pants and then jump in the stream to catch a fish or two. He could always have used a simple rune but that seemed to defeat the purpose of fun.

Thirteen year old Sky had made this place his ultimate hideout. He came here accidentally wandering when he was twelve.

Ever since he had been coming there a lot and spend the time he got. Sometimes he would catch a fish but mostly he would climb that long tree.

The view from there was incredible. And most of all the tree would calm his mind more than that calming potion.

It was just one more day when Sky was relaxing in his ultimate hideout. He had been there since the late evening and he finally decided that it was time for dinner.

Oh please be enchanted again, Sky thought for his dinner as he climbed down the tree slowly and carefully. But still he crash landed. He dusted his pants and made his way back giving the old tree a last glance.

When Sky made his way back to his village he did it slowly. The route wasn't long but he didn't wanted to hurry up as well. The darkness didn't scared him as well. He was trying to enjoy as much as he can.

He also did a little practising as he returned. Wherever he saw any broke branch nearby he would use the levitation rune he most recently learned.

Then he used a basic healing spell to partially join the branch the way it was to it's tree.

But sometime it went wrong and he would end up having mangoes in guava trees.

He was nearly in midway when he noticed the ground. It was badly burnt up. Not completely but some part were. He certainly didn't remember it when he came before.

Sky touched the ground. It was still hot. So whoever did it must be nearby unless transported or flew. He tried to think what or who might be the cause.

Then he remembered once his father saying,
"Every step of an orc badly burns the ground leaving nothing but black ash. It's feet are full of poison and transfers from the ground to trees. But it's not all poison but it's also partially an enchantment."

Sky ducked as suddenly a tree tried to crush him. So that was it. It had to be an orc, but really powerful dark orc to be able to enchant such a huge tree.
But it wasn't only "tree" but trees.

Every tree in the surrounding were alive with darkness inside them. Every plant had become his enemy.

While small plants tried to strangle his using their vines the big trees tried to crush him. Sky might have been caught up with them but he was dodging instantly to their every attacks.

I thought that orcs were already extinct. So how is this possible! And in our village. I need to get back soon.

Sky again dodged a tree by doing a cartwheel but the wand fell in the process. A vine reached his neck and strangled him. He tried reaching for the wand but it was too far away.

The vine was choking all the breath out of him. He tried with his hand to pull himself free but it was too tight. Sky's face was getting blue.

A tree had decided that it was the right time to attack and came charging. Suddenly Sky's wand automatically came to him flying. He caught it and touched the vine. It suddenly let him free and Sky jumped out of the way in the right time.

The ground erupted in fire. Sky somehow knew that the poison in the ground was doing all this.

He raised his wand and created the rune of aqua. A big ball of water erupted from mid air where the rune was made.

But it had no effect on the flames. They still continued to burn. Sky then tried by making a bigger rune but still no effect. He then remembered his mother saying to him something three years back,

"When one way fails there is always another way."

He knew what to do. Water won't do much alone. He needed healing too.
He began to draw the rune of healing on mid air then drew the rune of water over it. A ball of water like before but whiter shot out and fell on the ground.

The fire was immediately put off and then the black ground disappeared and new grass grew back immediately.

The tree and plants stopped their moving and everything was back to normal. Hue sat down on the newly grown grass and took some moments to calm himself. He was thinking of how his wand came flying to him on it's own. And also he seas trying to figure what were the orcs doing in his village.

Then he remembered that if this was done by orcs then his village could be in grave danger he needed to inform the elder.

He quickly stood up an ran all the way back not caring about fallen branches anymore. When he was at the end of the forest, he felt the temperature rising high and then he noticed it what made his stomach take a leap.

There was something glowing a little far away. When he got out of the forest he saw it.

The village was on fire.

Author's POV

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M.D Khamil

M.D Khamil

November 9, 2016 - 14:11 I think your story is just way too sudden. When writing a fantasy story, you need a very powerful introduction. That attracts reader's attention. There is too much uncessasary description (I easily lost interest with dragging introduction). What you lack is world building. You need to work on that more. Am not saying your story isn't good, you have a good storyline (i like the character Sky). You're lacking the "umph". This is an honest comment from me. But apart from that, your grammar is perfection.
Sharmishtha Shenoy

Sharmishtha Shenoy

November 11, 2016 - 02:20 Yes - story is a bit sudden - otherwise nicely written. Please read the ones I have published and let me know if you find grammatical errors! :-)

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