Battle Of Elves Prologue

by Artemis Stone
Jack Shadows was a powerful elven magician. he wasn't actually an elf but was trained in in elven magic. He excelled in the magic spells. Still he was only a human. he was thirteen , fair and had rough hairs. he was even a little tall for his age. He never went school. He was the only human to know the existence of the elven kingdom. He was home-trained by his father who was half-elf half-human. So his father was a powerful magician.

Jack spent hours learning magic with his father in the underground chamber his father had built for him under their house. That chamber was protected with a very powerful spell so that no external magic could affect it. so no matter how much Jack trained inside it there was no effect on outer world too. He liked it there. He liked his father too, but the last few days weren't so good
Jack's father was going to perform a very-very powerful spell so he told Jack to go to his Chamber to avoid any kind of accidents. Jack accepted it but little did he knew what was going to happen. His father disappeared but that spell released a powerful tyrant who was imprisoned millions of years ago.

Cyredos, a power-hungy tyrant who was a hybrid of a blood elf and a dark elf two most feared tribes of elves. While he rose Jack was in his chamber practicing spells unknown to the scene above. The time in the chamber went faster than the real world. So till the time Jack came out Cyredos had already taken control over the kingdom. Orcs, demons, dark warlocks were all in control of him. those who tried to fight back were either imprisoned for eternity or were killed.

When he emerged from the chamber everything was in ruined, but what was more fatal was the fact that there was curse made from the accident of the spell of his father. That curse took over his body slowly destroying him, turning him to dust. He met the ancient god of the elves who explained his the situation above. He told him that there is a powerful spell that may reverse the effect of his father's magic and imprison Cyredos in the duat forever.

He told that the ancient spell was locked beneath the tombs of giants in Isodenia which was a rather very dangerous journey. The god warned him to use as less magic he can or it will boost the effect of cure. The god then vanished before he can ask if there was a cure.

Jack founded his wan enclosed in a leather box which was protected by the same spell as the chamber. he saw his father's wand burned to dust. Jack had at least a week before he die and Cyredos breaks in the human dimension to destroys it. And seeing the circumstances there weren't an allies with him like his father. He was alone to face the evil's army.
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