Battle Of the Elves-1

by Artemis Stone
Sorry I have no times for introductions as you know that I have only one week left before I die. I'm writing diary here so that I can pass this story to future generations that is if they live. I want the fame for a hero because you know that I'm not going to die for nothing.

Some fame IS required.

Call me greedy if you want but I'm trying to save the world here. if you haven't met me I'm Jack Shadows by the way. I wrote a prologue and I don't know where that page dropped. If you've read that you'll already know me and how I ended up going towards the tomb of giants to find that ancient spell destroys me. you should also know that Cyredos had escaped his prison.

OK now on with my journey to the tombs. I arrived at a village whose name I didn't knew. I as afterwards chased by some bandit elves which made my journey a little faster because you know I had to run all the way. But halfway across I decided to fight them because the running was making me very tired. They still might be somewhere of the road frozen or in coma or turned into lizards.

So I finally reached that village...whatever was its name that go was telling... oh yeah Isodenia.

After I reached the village I saw no one. Yeah no one. Not a single person was on the streets. Usually in these kinds of villages you will find all sorts of travelers and elves talking about politics, yeah politics in our world there is also politics we are a democratic world after all. So anyway the street was deserted and all the cottages were closed.

After some time exploring I saw a window of a cottage open and a small boy looking at me. An elf of course. he was giving me an expression that said 'it's all you fault'. He then closed the window with a bang. I searched a little further and found that one more cottage was open but not only the window and an elf leaning over giving that strange expression. The door was widely opened. I presumed that it was an inn.

There was a sweet smell coming out from it. the latter one seemed right and more accurate. I entered inside considering that I was hungry I could also regain some of my strength. Now you would say, ' Jack the world is going to end no time to eat.'

But let me tell you this , try being chased by some mountain bandits for two straight hours and then try to fight them performing some powerful spell then we'll see if you get tired or not! It's really exhausting job. So anyways I went in.

To my surprise the second time in that day there was no one inside. As I said earlier there should be huge group of elves discussing politics at such types of places. There was only an old man inside stirring something in a big bowl. He looked quite busy and didn't noticed me. So without saying anything I went inside. The old man suddenly looked up. His face was covered in wrinkles. His hair was completely white. If you asked me I would describe him with only one word: old.

Really, he looked quite old for an elf or he was a human of course. But you know that I was the only human who knew the presence of the elves.

' Welcome,' he greeted me, 'as you see there is plenty of seats here so sit wherever you want.'

I sat to the nearest seat to his table where he was cooking for I had many questions in my mind. I kept my head low for I didn't wanted to reveal my identity because when Cyredos was released the elves started taking sides and I didn't wanted to fight with this old man who would probably attack me with his wooden spoon but there were some knives stacked in the corner and I wasn't desperate to be cooked in that old man's soup.

I wanted to start my questions with 'Why is this place empty?' but I accidentally said
'Are you an elf?'

I have never felt more awkward in my life then that time. I wanted to snatch those words right from the mid-air but I was late. The words had already reached the old man's ear. Now you must be thinking, 'Of course he's an elf who else would you in a middle of an elf town, a troll?' Now that was really funny but you cant blame me because 1) He looked too old for an elf and 2) if he was an elf he would be cooking using magic not stirring.

The man or elf was looking me with a strange expression that said 'Duh', and I could tell you firsthand that he was getting suspicious on me. If you want to know why am I so scared of getting my identity revealed, it's this: the Elves and Humans don't go too well together.

'It depends on what you want me to be, I could be an elf or,' he leaned forward and whispered in my ears ',a human like you.'

Uh oh I gasped my worst fear came true this man knew that I was not an elf I grasped my wand readying myself for a battle with a cook. But I still tried to fool him to avoid this situation because the more the magic I used the more near I would get to my death by that curse.

'Um...No...Obviously not a human of course,' I tried to laugh to turn this situation into humor but the old elf wasn't ready to be fooled not by a human of course.

'You are that James Shadows son, aren't you?' he asked.
For the fourth time in the same day I gasped in shock. Not only did the man knew about my identity but also my father. This was going in the WRONG side now and I knew that I was certainly in danger.
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Sharmishtha Shenoy

Sharmishtha Shenoy

August 8, 2016 - 07:32 Highly imaginative. What happens next?


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