In the Canefirds

I really enjoyed working in the canefields, especially the loads of food we used to eat

Cricket in the Road

We worship the game of cticket

Stop the Rains

We want the persistent rains to stop.

We want back our names

Did we have names before coming to the Caribbean.



Ben's Back

Our old headmaster was back


Very Short Stories
Walking on the Blade by Gary Amaro

Walking on the Blade

"Pain has never been this sharp."
This piece is my philosophical view on a controversial topic.




Midnight kicked its way
The chirping of cicadas are heard from the distance
Doors shut; lights off...




Time flies...
WORDS by Dahmie


If you talking about wisdom
I got it and its rich
Let me give you some of it...
Very Short Stories
Little Monster in the Mud by Gary Amaro

Little Monster in the Mud

Mothers, of all creeping creatures of the earth, should know all about their territory.

My mother? No thanks....



In Solitude

In solitude I found comfort
Away from the harsh realities of this world
That even when I scream my failures...
I am by amelydely

I am

I am a paper. Waiting for words:
To turn my loneliness in chords,
To fill these empty lines with rhyme,...
This is Not Me by Gary Amaro

This is Not Me

It is always easy to say
If someone’s pretending
If someone’s faking...
Hurricane by Mahoobee


There's a layer of colors,
In front of your eyes.
There's so many stars,...
Very Short Stories
Sunset Memory by Eienni

Sunset Memory

Sometimes I don't know why I'm crying.
Very Short Stories
Love Letter on Fire by Gary Amaro

Love Letter on Fire

I grew up in a numbing world where my innocence quickly faded, where trust was an expensive jewelry I couldn’t give, where love was a theory no one could prove to be true, and so I thought, “Does love really exist?”

Fate is...



You better keep it

You better keep it close to your heart

Respect Needed

Respect is something needed, no matter age.
Wise Man by purpletears

Wise Man

Only peace around him

Shares it

Somebody shares the same dream.
Very Short Stories
Not happy? by arushi

Not happy?

Learn to be happy in every situation because life won't go according to you. You have to learn how to mould yourself into any situation.
Short Stories
A Season for Dying by sharmishtha

A Season for Dying

Excerpt from my next novel


The pen by Manahill Naik

The pen

A wonder
How I've unknotted
The tethers of the dark and the shadows...

2w140 37

A simple rule by Manahill Naik

A simple rule

For a broken heart.

2w128 425

When petals fell. by nelson c.j

When petals fell.

Valentine poems to cheer you up, so don't forget to share, and Enjoy!
Very Short Stories
Oops... Sorry! by Gary Amaro

Oops... Sorry!

Before my sister's first beauty contest, the awkward moment was on me.


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Open chat

Takes place in.... JUPITER. Will you wanna miss it? Happy reading.

@cabby wht did i write?? *_* forgot

bleep bleep

hello family


Domo '۵'

:-). Hey guys. Miss you all stacks. Will be back soon. Busy with a editor helping me edit my stories and, and, and......

Hi Velantra

Hope to hear some great news from you soon :-)

Hey Vel! Editing stories?? You're publishing??!



Alo, no. Just some on my own website. My English sucks. :-(

As they become more "nice" I will put them up here also. I still need money. I need FieNd for some income. Xxx

Hello guys..its been a long time since Ive posted...not been online all the time..i miss my friends here

hi ejay

FieNd.... Is it possible to have an update where we can sort stories into folders instead of using pages?

So that we can sort stories which has been completed and which is not (on going).

And of course the ability to rename those folders.

Just a suggestion for future update. =)

Thanks F.

Hi Khamil, If I understand correctly you actually want to publish books and have the unfinished option like they have on wattpad?

No not like wattpad. Not as complicated as that. Just like a new folder option.

Where we can put the story inside the folder and rename the folder with unique names. Like sorting out files on pc.

Just a suggestion though. No big deal. =)

Hi samewriter..miss u guys

So more like a readinglist :), thats already coming. Don't have the folder option though. Will add it to the list! Hope to update the site soon, it's almost finished.

Yes. That's exactly what I meant. Reading list. So that we're able to sort between poems, short story, story in chapters etc..

My work are all over the place in the pages, kind of hard to browse lol. Thanks again F.

Goodness, I miss these people

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