A River Of Droplets by priyanka

A River Of Droplets

I went to a hill
Where I saw a pond
And that place was so chill...
Very Short Stories
WHICH  WAY TO CHOOSE by shivam maurya


Story of a Mother who fought hard for his Daughter's Custody and Sacrifices a Lot In this Journey
Siblings.. by Kripa


Dedicated to all the siblings


Very Short Stories
Shine Bright Like A Diamond by M.D Khamil

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

I won't be like him, because it will destroy myself.

Love Me Hate Me

I don't know which way to go...

Few among the million reasons why you can't be replaced!

This is a poem that speaks why this special person in our lives,can seldom be replaced by anyone else..
A Flower From A Drop by priyanka

A Flower From A Drop

A Flower From A Drop

I was strolling along a park...
Who can...? by purpletears

Who can...?

Tell me, who can forget it?
When time comes... by rekhanshiraghava

When time comes...

life is a journey, we need to take up, we need to learn from...

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Very Short Stories
Sticky Notes by Manahil Naik

Sticky Notes

Thnku everyone for motivating me, for sticking wth me

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Dripping mascara by Mahoobee

Dripping mascara

Beauty is pain. Beauty is: "pretty girls don't eat" sorta motto, beauty is not thin legs and rosy cheeks.
No Truth by purpletears

No Truth

There´s no absolute truth
Nothing Behind by purpletears

Nothing Behind

Sometimes, all you see is all there is.


Not Only Seven by purpletears

Not Only Seven

I don´t like only seven things about you.
Very Short Stories
Box Life by thelostnorthwood@gmail.com

Box Life

Box life (with a special guest appearance from milk).
Very Short Stories
Sticky notes by Manahil Naik

Sticky notes

Im kind of scared bcz im starting on a novel (trying to) but im not confident and motivated enough. I feel like itll be cliche or smthng. Heres a bit of it please gimme ur honest comments i need it. Xoxo

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The teen-ager that isn't

This is a poem which describes the life I lead! And am totally proud of it. Dug a little deep! Hope the last few lines remove the melancholy!
Your Stars by purpletears

Your Stars

Your eyes, your beautiful stars
Droplets Of The Dark Sky by priyanka

Droplets Of The Dark Sky

Stormy weather in the middle of the sea
I was confused standing in the shore
I saw as much I could see...


Very Short Stories
There Is Someone In My House by M.D Khamil

There Is Someone In My House

I don't know if that person is a he or she . . .
Very Short Stories
Great Wizards of All Time by M.D Khamil

Great Wizards of All Time

A little story leaked by me that aren't told by J.R.R Tolkien, J.K Rowling, Sir Thomas Malory & T.H White.
Seven Things I Want to Tell You by Huntress

Seven Things I Want to Tell You

Because there are so many things that I want to tell you but here are the top 7.
Very Short Stories
Chapter 1- Wallpaper by Huntress

Chapter 1- Wallpaper

I am planning to continue this when I have time. I miss writing so much and I am catching up. Wait for the next update!
Xoxo, Huntress

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Hey guys!!! Check out my new poem "Dripping mascara "

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hey guys I have updated my post thank you. Specifically added names with whom I have interactedd. Do read - not for the number of clicks but only to pass my message of thanks

i have written the third part of the battle of elves and it will be released tommorow please read it guys.

finally published please read the thirs part of the battle of the elves and of course there will be more.

Hope u all like my new poem. "few among the million reasons why you can't be replaced"..

Those who love your mom, will love this poem..I bet..go ahead.read

Hi to everyone.I have written a new story about a Mother's struggle to get his daughter custody named "WHICH WAY TO CHOOSE".So please read the story and give suggestions about what i can include in its future storyline and also give some suggestions of th

also give suggestions about the writing style. i will welcome every kind of suggestions and comments

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