Short Stories

The adventures of Quenna Raemonie

This is a novel revolving around a 10 year old girl who is an inhabitant of Europa, a moon belonging to planet Jupiter, and who tosses destiny and wins fate in a flip. Join my brilliant,witty,nerdy yet brave protagonist Quenna in her adventures.
If Ever You Leave Me by Gary Amaro

If Ever You Leave Me

I'm out of love

I need a fresh air...


Very Short Stories


the things that happens but are not obvious


Very Short Stories
All Stolen Things by Gary Amaro

All Stolen Things

One mistake can lead to more mistakes.

Jake stole some of his father's money. And the chain of mishaps began.
I will always hold you close. by nelson c.j

I will always hold you close.

Enjoy Two Love poems with varying emotions, Joy And regret.

Your comments. And reading would be very much appreciated. Enjoy!

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Very Short Stories
(Chapter 10) - The Present by M.D Khamil

(Chapter 10) - The Present

It's time to choose what place to go and change it's story.
Very Short Stories

The First Feeling

Enjoy this rich romantic snippet, caught like a photograph, at that moment when everything comes to a climax.... Well see for yourself, don't forget to rate and share!
Hit Me Back by Gary Amaro

Hit Me Back

This poem (or song) is for those who want to be a good friend to someone no matter how painful.

This is very personal. I hope my friend read this.
You won't see me fall... by rekhanshiraghava

You won't see me fall...

Struggle is a part of life... But let's be strong enough...and face everything with courage.
Very Short Stories
Part 4 - The Mayans by M.D Khamil

Part 4 - The Mayans

Something need to be uncovered before you may proceed.

The Long Table

A month of preparation for the long table is but critical but if it is God's will, I'd want to believe that all will be set properly.



Down The Memory Lane

**Criticism is wholly welcomed

Dr. Blossom
Very Short Stories
Valentine's Day for Guys with no money by ayush sapra

Valentine's Day for Guys with no money

It is a funny advice for the guys who don't have money on valentine's Day and also a helpful thought for their future.

Captious Monsters

This poem is about judgemental people, who love to put their nosies and smell faults everywhere. :)
I hope you like it!

Dr. Blossom

**Criticism is wholly welcomed.

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Waiting by Mahoobee


Music blasting in my ears.
I wake up from a nightmare.
The lonely grey ceiling stares....

Finding Love Again

How beautiful life is
Knowing what I need
It sent me you...

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Fall for me by PenFairy

Fall for me

Falling in love is a dangerously beautiful gamble...
May Flowers May Die by Gary Amaro

May Flowers May Die

Across the river
Across the town
I had been in a flower garden...

Scribbled Chronicle

This poem is a portrait of what writing is to me.
For me it has been a form of expressing from the basic to the most complex things in life.
I hope you like it!

**Criticism is wholly welcomed.



appreciative text to all my friends, family and fans
April Rain by Summer

April Rain

Hundreds of stones were resting below her tiny feet
They're sending pain all over her small body
But she never really cared, not a little...
Very Short Stories
WHICH WAY TO CHOOSE  Part-2 by shivam maurya


Continuing the story of a mother's struggle ,,,
Catch a glimpse of her by Manahill Naik

Catch a glimpse of her

Catch a glimpse of her
Her honey copper eye
The right side of her butter cup head,...

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hello Guys, am new here and I've just published something I'm sure we'd like and can relate to. well check it out it's titled The First Feeling. Enjoy!

very elated by the reads, keep reading guys it's mighty encouraging

very elated by the reads, keep reading guys it's mighty encouraging


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Hello friends. Sorry for the long hiatus. But, I'm back with a bang. A new novel "The adventures of Quenna Raemonie" has been published by me today. I promise it would make you say a 'wow'. Waiting eagerly for your comments. And, it's a story that takes p

Takes place in.... JUPITER. Will you wanna miss it? Happy reading.

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