Very Short Stories
You Need a Break by Kripa

You Need a Break

Life is very short..To explore ourselves, it is important to give sometime from our busy schedule..Considering this, Holidays are very important part so that we can sit calmly with our own thoughts without any disturbance..The best way to utilize...


Short Stories
The Travail of Dorcas by DavidBokolo

The Travail of Dorcas

I could see the image of my mother paddling across those big rivers, battling against the current and the element as companions; rain, storm and mosquitoes – especially sand flies; these were really very naughty insects, swamping all over you in t
Happy Birthday to my daughters! by amelydely

Happy Birthday to my daughters!

On this day, seven years ago!
I’ve been blessed with amazing girls!
Blue-eyed diamonds started to glow!...
Very Short Stories
Angel on the Grass by Gary Amaro

Angel on the Grass

Sometimes, I hope she was never born.


Short Stories

Babilon Tower Part 3

 The air is mois.Walls were wet too.We could barely see feet ahead of us.I think this tunnel  goes to pyramid it is in that direction.And we were wright it did.The light was coming from some openings from left and wright.Rose screamed and I...

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Very Short Stories
Diary of a Dirty Thinker by Gary Amaro

Diary of a Dirty Thinker

Pencil and sharpener. Hot dog and bun. Before you read, please make sure your parents are not around.

In the beginning, just like yours, my mind was ...


Poets can be crazy too.. by Ranju vel

Poets can be crazy too..

This is a meaningless yet beautiful poem loved by the poet(myself)

Finding Myself

My Mind asked,
"Hey HS,what are you thinking?
Are you planning for a change?...

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Short Stories
The Five Minutes Contract by DavidBokolo

The Five Minutes Contract

Love could be an elusive thing that if we are not mindful we could loose even before we have it. This is the part 1 of the story of Patty. Enjoy your reading pleasure
Short Stories
MURCIDE by Dahmie


What an horrific sight that greeted the eyes of the police as the entered into the master bedroom to find 3 lifeless body in a pool of blood.
Be Your Own Epitaph by DavidBokolo

Be Your Own Epitaph

Write your name in gold while your can, that it will stand the ages to come, rugged and immortal.

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Very Short Stories
Part 1 - The Exiled God by M.D Khamil

Part 1 - The Exiled God

Refer to Prologue - God of Fire before you read this one.


Still just musing about the state of my land.
Very Short Stories
We owed we pay back by ASKME

We owed we pay back

Wake up! We are in a mysterious world of creation
We even full of questions why we are here
Why there’s sun and the moon and air and everything we sees is a miracle...

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Very Short Stories
Life doesn’t end here by ASKME

Life doesn’t end here

I was grade 5 then when our dad left us, and my mother doesn’t have a job. Honestly, I always asked God why did he took him why not the murderer? He’s a good man I’ve ever known, the best dad and a hero. I was thinking how my family will...


Those Who Doesn´t Listen by purpletears

Those Who Doesn´t Listen

There´s no use in faking perfection
For That..(Feeling) by purpletears

For That..(Feeling)

It is not going to hurt you
Very Short Stories
Relationship that love doesn't exist by ASKME

Relationship that love doesn't exist

Two years of having this strong relationship with this guy was really complicated since my parents don’t like him asf! Way back since after 3 months after i said YES!, fortunately I passed the exam that I took when I was still in my highschool....

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Very Short Stories
Part 3: I'm Not Alone, But Who Are You? by M.D Khamil

Part 3: I'm Not Alone, But Who Are You?

This changes everything. A heroic figure came down to save me! Umm, I mean everyone!

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