The Necromancer's prophecy - Dragons

by Artemis Stone
Sky saw many people rushing away from the village. There would have been a stampede but fortunately there weren't so many people in the village.

The houses were on fire as well as the entrance was on fire too. People trying to escape were mostly burnt but some literate in magic were extinguishing the fire trying to escape.

At first Sky thought that it were the orcs but soon saw the truth. It was an attack of dragons. And not just "dragons", but dragons of the Galenite clan.

Their hide were supposed to be as trough as diamonds and had long claws. One spit of their fireball and could destroy everything in range under five hundred meters if it were a skilled one.

Fortunately those attacking the village weren't really skilled or the village would have long gone.

A purple galenite spit a fireball making a hut already on fire crumbling to dust. Two more attacks were launched destroying more houses.

Sky's house was on the northern side of the village so he was unable to see it's condition and the glare of the fire almost made it impossible. Using his hands to cover his face he rushed a little closer to the entrance door which had already crumbled. He could feel the heat of the fire tearing his face apart.

He wished he had learned the protection charm his father was telling him to learn a month ago but he was interested in learning something more advanced.

"First you must learn to crawl before you learn to walk." his father had said and now he cursed himself not learning that spell.

He conjured a temperature spell on himself, more on his face, so that he was impervious to the heat. He could still get burned up and that spell only lasted for five minutes.

He got closer to the fire. Nobody was coming out now. He thought that maybe his family were already out to safety or had burned up. He pushed the latter thought out of his mind as he could not bear thinking about it.

He created the rune of aqua making his way inside the village. He made sure not to be seen by the dragons. He didn't had any idea why were they attacking the village but he wasn't going to ask them about it either.

Once he was inside the situation only got worse. The whole village was in ruins. His stomach leapt whenever he saw a dead body lying nearby. He needed to get to his house fast. He couldn't even beat to think what might have happened.

He rushed to the other side of the town avoiding fire as it tried burning his skin. The effect of the temperature rune he created was wearing off by then. His face was staring to hear up. His whole body was.

He didn't had energy to cast one more that advanced spell. But he could conjure some elemental spells. He made a small aqua rune and fired it at himself. This might help him a bit for some amount of time.

He was nearly there when he met with a surprise. The path the led to his house was completely surrounded by fire and there was no way around.

He couldn't even extinguish it since it would have required a large amount of energy to extinguish it. So he needed to find some other way.

He remembered one training lesson with his father when he had demonstrated an energy steal using his wand. It was the only way left now.

He pointed his wand towards the raging fire. Then concentrated, thinking as much as he could about fire. The wave of fire slowly changed its shape and came towards to where Sky's wand was. As it kept coming Sky rotated his hands. The fire started to become a ball just at the tip of his wand.

The size of the ball increased and so did the heat. Sky was having problems in controlling it. It took time before the fire was completely extinguished and was there hovering over the tip of the wand.

He rotated it above his hand trying to think what could he do with this huge fireball. His answer came immediately as the purple dragon noticing that something was wrong beneath his terrorized land, send a huge fireball towards Sky.

Using all his force he send the fireball flying to the dragon. Both the fireball collided. But Sky's fireball was much bigger and it crashed into the Galenite.

When the smoke cleared that dragon had vanished. But Sky had much more important thing on his hands. He ran towards his cottage which as he feared was burning which wasn't a pretty site.

He went a little near to the cottage.

"Mom, Dad," he shouted not thinking about the worst thing possible. There was no answer. He conjured one more last spell he could. He made the rune of Aqua and fired it to his house.

The rune partly extinguished the fire and broke some part of the roof because of the impact. He rushed to the place where his house used to be. He started rummaging around some of the broken woods aside trying to find anything he could. He came across a photo frame of all his family. In the left was his father and on the right was his mother. He was standing in the middle laughing.
The frame was broken now and a tear ran down his cheek. His sorrow soon turned into anger as he wanted to find who did all this.

He searched more and more as he went inside. Suddenly there was a voice behind him, a hissing voice. He turned behind but there was nothing. He noticed something moving behind one of the trees.

He quickly too his wand out readying himself. He slowly drew a fireball rune in the air. He moved around trying to find who was there. The moment he saw a movement behind an old pine tree, he attacked. The tree blew up which was there a moment ago.
Probably a squirrel he thought as he went back to his searching.

As the dark figure rushed toward him he felt something push him the other way. He was left staring at what he was seeing. He didn't wanted to believe it but it was true. He couldn't move a muscle now. He felt too weak for what he was seeing.

At the place where he was just standing was his father and behind him was a dark hooded and his long claws were digging right inside his body. The dark hooded figure realizing what he had done fled from sight.

Sky rushed at his father's aid.

"Dad!" he cried "I'll help you don't worry."

He started to make a healing rune but his dad stopped him before he could complete.
"Sky it's too late,"

"But dad..."

"Don't worry about me,"

"Dad, what happened here?"

"Sky," he said ignoring Sky's question.

"There is something I want to tell you about," he began, "But now I realize its too late."

"What do you mean father?"

"You need to go to the north, the temple find it, now, before they attack?"

"Who are they?"


But just then a sharp pointed arrow went pass him missing him by just an inch.

"Run!" his dad shouted.

"But I just can't leave you here,"

"It's probably too late," his father replied with a smile. Then he disappeared into white smoke.

"No!" he cried. "Father!"

His father was dead. It was hard but it was the truth. His mentor was dead. But what about his mother he needed to find her. Just then his body became cold. There was still fire all around but something strange was happening. The flame turned blue.

Sky was in sorrow and also confused. He tried to think what was happening. Just then suddenly something emerged from where his dad's body was.

A dark hooded figure just like the one who attacked him before. Sky quickly pulled out his want. But the dark figure was much faster. Long claws erupted from his hands and attacked him.

He barely missed it and fell his wand falling to a little distance. He ducked as the figured attacked him again. He picked his wand and ran to the forest. The figure was still following him.

As he was running he saw something glow ahead. It grew larger and larger and then Sky realized what it was and fell to the ground. It was a fireball. Sky saw it rushing past him and colliding with the figure who disappeared just then. Sky stood up quickly and pulled out his wand.

He knew what it was and it was worse than the figure following him.

A galenite dragon.
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