Who Was She?

by M.D Khamil

“God I’m so tired! I don’t think
that I have enough rest for the whole week! I had to keep up with the deadline
for my assignments!” said Mia, the smartest one in the group. “Really? What year is this? It’s
2017 hun, cut the crap, quit college and have some fun. Graduating from college
won’t guarantee you a secure job.”  Kat
glared at Mia with an annoyed look on her face.

“I’ve told her that earlier,
she’s not like us. She won’t get it.” Added Hailey.

“Excuse me? What do you mean by
‘she’s not like us’?” Mia replied.

“Chillax babe, you’re just being
insensitive. She meant you’re being too hard on yourself. Stop studying like a
mad scientist for a moment will ya? It’s not gonna work that way. You’re
stressing yourself out.” Explained the wisest girl of the group, Jen. She had
always been a leader type kind of girl, in a good way where all the girls look
upon her for advice.

“Ughh, fine. I just worried I
won’t get an A for this upcoming exam.”

“Girl Yo, who the fish worried
about not getting an A?? God, you’re so weird.”

“Kat stop, you’re not helping.
Mia, just go get something to eat. Just relax.”

“Thanks Jen.”


That evening, the girls were
enjoying a late night horror movie. Like always the girls would pressure Mia to
join along watching the movie with them. Apart from being the group’s bookworm,
she’s also called scaredy cat Mia.

“I don’t want to watch this!”
shouted Mia.

“You have to! It’s not like the
devil going to jump out from the tv and kill you!”

“Hailey please no! Can’t I just
go into my room?”

“NO!!!” both Kat and Hailey
shouted at Mia.

“Oh jeez, girls! Just leave her
alone. Stop screaming. At any moment I’m going to be deaf!”

“Jen, like seriously Mia need to
watch this movie. There’s a part in the movie where someone getting killed just
because they prefer to be alone and not wanting to socialize with others! Mia
is exactly an example the type of that person who’s gonna get killed!” Again,
both Mia and Kat turned to face Mia with a smirk showing insulting face.

“No!! I don’t want to!!” Mia
burst out crying and ran towards her room.

“Okay that’s great. You maniacs
just scared her again. Well done idiots.” Kat and Hailey giggled and continued
watching the movie.

“Girls, I gotta go sleep first.
Don’t forget to switch off the TV and everything after you guys have done
watching the movie.”

“Adios Jen.” Replied Kat.


Jen woke up around 3:15am in the
morning and had the urge to urinate. Stepping out from her bed she saw both Kat
and Hailey already fast asleep. They shared the same room ever since they had
come to the same college. It was a girl’s dorm, not far from the college, a
separate building like a hostel. Jen had always hated how the hostel looked
like from the outside. It looked like an old abandoned asylum. Plus she heard
rumors there used to be a suicide in one of the girl’s dormitory. But she never
cared much about the story. As she walked pass by in the lounge, Jen saw
someone was sitting quietly on the bench outside at the veranda. The breeze
making a silent howling sound but still audible to the ears. The door to the
veranda was wide opened. She took a peek and saw Mia was sitting and reading a
book. Jen couldn’t see her face as she was siting in the opposite direction.

“Mia? Why are you still up? It’s
cold outside. Get in now, it’s getting frozen in here.” But there was no
answer. Just when Jen was about to head up to the lavatory, Mia answered,

“I’ll be back in a minute.”

After Jen had done with her 'personal' stuff, she still saw Mia outside reading.

“Don’t forget to shut the door
when you’re done.” Jen continued walking to her room. Before she reached her
room, Jen saw Mia’s bedroom door was opened. She was itching to take a peek
inside. She heard a sound, like someone snoring. It was dark inside, so she
decided to switch on the lights.

“Jen, what are you doing? I’m
trying to sleep here.”

Jen’s eyes were shocked in horror
when she found out Mia was sleeping in her bed. But then who was the one
outside reading the book? The girl that was talking to her?

  • “I’m sorry! Can I sleep here!?”
    Jen locked the door and sleep with Mia till the rest of the morning. She only
    told them the story after a week had passed when she recovered from her fever
    after that incident. And of course Mia was not happy about the story.
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shivam maurya

shivam maurya

January 1, 2018 - 10:29 quite spooky and imagingly horrifying
M.D Khamil

M.D Khamil

January 2, 2018 - 12:12 Thanks. Just a rough story with many typos.

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