Three Days To Kill

by M.D Khamil

Southern Rio De’Janeiro, Base HQ,
Wednesday, 11:20 am


Ava and I walked along a narrow
corridor heading toward a sphere, cylinder shaped glass elevator. The elevator
was secured with two security guards, holding a gun almost looking like a glock
but with added telescopic sight for shooting accuracy. The uniforms looked
pretty bad ass to me, exactly like a SWAT uniform, only the color were deep
blue. I saw Ava giving the two guards a signal to be ready to open the door.
Both security guards move to the eye scanning device installed on the wall next
to the door. They have to do it right, and at the same time or else the door
won’t be opening at all. The security was tight here, so to attempt an escape
would be impossible and suicide, at least for a normal person, not me.

 “Can’t you open the door
yourself?” I asked Ava.

“Of course I do. It’s just the
rules here. It’s part of their work. They get paid for doing that.”


 Inside the elevator, it was
equipped with holographic screen, which displayed a female assistance with
robotic voice telling instruction of what to “do’s and don’t’s” when being
inside. We were greeted by the female computer controlled instructor named
Sasha as we entered the elevator.

 “Welcome to the Black Sierra
transit system. In this facility, you are required to stay calm, relax and be
aware of your surrounding. No eating, drinking or smoking are allowed. Which
floor do you want to go to?”

“Take us to the top floor Sasha.
We have meeting with Dr. Jones.” Answered Ava.

“Checking record of meetings.
Please stay calm while I load the data.”

“Is that necessary?” I whispered
to Ava.

“It’s for safety purposes.”

“Load completed. Meeting with Dr.
Jones available today at 11:30am. Please enjoy yourself with this brief music
while I take you to the top most floor.” A Fur Elise music by Beethoven was
played in the background. I can’t help but carried away by the music, shutting
my eyes Imagining I was the one who played the piano.

 “Arriving at the top most floor, thank
you for using my service and have a pleasant day!”

“Thank you Sasha.” Said Ava.

“You’re most welcome Agent

 Leaving the elevator, Dr. Jones’
office was just ahead of us. Again, we have to run a full body scanned and
check up as the entrance to Dr. Jones office was securely guarded. The guy must
be super important if we had to run those filters again. One of the guard
pressed a holographic button and started talking to someone, apparently to Dr.
Jones. The guards then opened the door and we were free to enter the office. I
saw a middle aged man, around late forties to early fifties, graying hair with
rimless glasses. He looked quite handsome for an old man.

 “Dr. Jones, as I promised I
brought someone here today.”

“Oh hello Ava, I’ve been waiting
for you. Let me guess, isn’t it Mr. Martin Frank? I’m Dr. Jones, Dr. Philip
Jones. The founder of Black Sierra HQ.”

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