by Kazue Tsubasa
Life is like a phone without battery,

Constantly on low battery, no energy.

When fully charged, we could face the world.

But we need to have our own charging time too.

And we should always charge the phone to the max, and live our live to the fullest as well!


Life is like a phone,

We get touched a lot,

We get hacked a lot,

We get loved a lot,

We get scoldings a lot,

But most importantly,

We will one day be substituted.


Life is like a lime,

Hard and sour.

But if you learn the ways to squeeze the best things out, it will be easier.

And if you add something else like sugar for love, salt for experience and creamer for the bitterness, it won't be just sour.


Life is like water,

We go with the flow,

We could get shaped into something,

We could follow the crowd,

We could get tainted or purified,

But most importantly, we are H2O, we weren't alone no matter what.


Life is like a box of chocolates,

You will never know until you uncover the contents!

It could be milk chocolate - sweet.

It could be dark chocolate - bitter.

It could be white chocolate - plain.

It could be like expired chocolate - sick.

It could be a mixture of chocolate - weird.

But remember what chocolates give you in the end?

Energy and happiness! And fats.


Life is all about love.

I love you.

You love her.

She loves him.

He loves me.

But I still love you anyways.


Life is like a RPG.

You are created - born.

You level up - grow.

You are exposed to monsters - dangers.

You are going to lose comrades - friends.

Your family might get killed anytime - lost.

You have to ignore wounds and fight on - hurts.

You have to be ready to die - life might kills you.

But. Games always have an happy ending, don't they? So let's fight through this game.


Life is like a rainbow,

Made up of all sorts of different colours,

You might sometimes think you're not the best colour,

But without you, the rainbow wouldn't be complete.

Rainbows are beautiful just the way they are - as well as you all.

You're special. And so is life.


Life is like a smile,

Sometimes sincere and true,

Sometimes fake and to hide,

Sometimes indecent and scary,

But it doesn't change the fact that you smiled to make someone's day.

And that's sweet of you.


Life is like metal,

Hard but comes in different types,

It could be diamond - hardest but most valuable, yet not affordable.

It could be gold - shiny and not as valuable

It could be silver - unattractive but still useful.

It means even when we don't look good, we can still be extremely useful. If we're attractive, make full use of it. But don't be unapproachable


Life is a painting.

It doesn't start out beautiful.

It starts out looking like shit.

No one will even look up at it or admire it.

But with hard work, perseverance, and lots of dedication,

It will turn out great.

It will be a piece admired by all.


Life is like a fairy tale.

It could be stupid.

It could be childish.

It could be boring.

It could be simple.

But. It did made your childhood didn't it?

The same with life, simple and stupid things could still brightens up your day.

So don't try to act like an adult just be cause you're no longer a child.

You can still be a child at heart!


Life can be like chips.

Crispy and yummy.

Light and fun.

Stress releasing and enjoyable.

But its bad for you.

Yes, this whole life is after all a mess.


Life is textbooks.

It can be language - step up and talk.

It can be mathematics - count all you problems and find the solutions.

It can be like biology - you study human and can plan for a murder.

It can be like chemistry - learn to blow up people you hate.

It can be like physics - laws need to be followed.

It can be like history - always learning about his story.

It can be like arts - creative and new.

So don't hate any of your subjects. That's what life is.


Life is like going into a public toilet.

It might be clean or nasty.

There might be strangers, enemies or friends.

You might face shits.

But its a relieve to go right?

When you find clean toilets, you're happy enough.

Simple things can be happiness.

We never know what will happen,

So be hopeful, alert and grateful.


Life is like a bunch of colours.

We all start out as white,

Starts to turn yellow, and no longer pure.

Experience blues, the sadness and depressions.

Gets reds, angers and bloods.

Tainted black, by this dark world and people.

Turns green, sick of life and everything.

Grey, when we don't know what's right and what's wrong any more.

One thing for sure, we'll never be white again.

Time doesn't rewind. Life doesn't start anew.


Life is just life.

Nothing changes what life actually is.

So deal with it.

Its yours after all.
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May 26, 2015 - 11:09 So beautiful and loved that metal , smile and rainbow part the best. :3 The way you have described life is amazing. Keep it up. :D
Kazue Tsubasa

Kazue Tsubasa

May 26, 2015 - 12:03 Thank you very much! Your comment cheered me up since I was in a bad mood! ^_^


May 26, 2015 - 12:11 I hope you get by :D Thanks alot :D
Manahill Naik

Manahill Naik

May 26, 2015 - 11:50 wow.. neva tot of comparing life to such weird things but u made me think.. i guess the phone part and the last para was AWESOME. keep up :D
Kazue Tsubasa

Kazue Tsubasa

May 26, 2015 - 12:04 Thank you very much! Your comment cheered me up since I was in a bad mood! ^_^ And yep, comparing to weird things actually is pretty fun hehe XD


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