Don't Pick Up The Phone

by M.D Khamil
1.1 First Phone Call

It was a normal Friday evening when two teenagers sat on the couch in the living room watching DVD horror thriller movie Final Destination 5. Cindy started whining when she felt so uncomfortable watching at the scene where a man’s head was crushed with a tyre.
“Urgghh, I can’t stand this! So gross! Seriously Briana I think I’m gonna puke.”
“Whoa, not now and definitely not here. Just go to the bathroom!” replied Briana. Cindy got up from the couch while covering her mouth, almost wanting to blow everything she had just eaten earlier everywhere in the house. After Cindy had done cleaning her mouth and flushed out her vomit, she walked to the kitchen to find some juice to drink. She found a grape juice, just perfect to get rid the taste of those remaining vomit in her throat.
“BRAMMM!” Cindy dropped her half drank grape juice on the kitchen floor and the glass shattered into pieces.
“Briana! What the fuck! Turn down the volume low! It’s too loud for god sake you just lost me half of my juice!” yelled Cindy from the kitchen. Briana heard her whining and laughed at her.
“Hahaha! Wasn’t it you who wanted to watch this movie in the first place? Don’t change your mind now, cause am not gonna change it to another movie. Now stay with me here and enjoy this show! Hahaha!”
“Okay, okay! I’ll joined you later. Just turn down the volume okay?” Briana did as to what Cindy told her to.
“Damn it. Now I have to clean this mess.”
Suddenly a phone rang in the living room. “Briana pick up the phone!” said Cindy while mopping the wet floor.
“No, you pick it up. I’m enjoying the movie now!” Cindy shaked her head and went to pick up the phone. “Hello?” Cindy waited for an answer but nothing came out. “Okay if you want to play around this is not the right time. I’m not in the mood. You just wasted my precious time.” Then, a weird sound came to answer the phone. A strange language. Like someone saying a mantra. Cindy stood froze. Her right hand holding the phone slowly lower to her side and dropped the phone. She was not her self anymore. Like she’s been controlled. Possessed. Cindy took a steel ball pen next to the phone and walked slowly towards her friend Briana. Briana wasn’t aware of what’s happening around her as she had drifted away by the movie she’s watching. With a sudden strike, Cindy stabbed the ball pen right above Briana’s head buried deep into her brain.
“Arrgghh! Cindy! What are you doing?!” Briana was screaming in agony while the blood oozing down to her face from the stabbed wound. Cindy was totally a different person now. She didn’t talk, her eyes never blinked and the only expression left on her face was a creepy smile. Knowing Briana had been cornered, the smile grew and Cindy pick one of the other DVD inside the case. Briana couldn’t move freely, the stabbed to her head disturbed her nervous system. She crawled to the phone on the floor and quickly tried to call 911. She managed to dial the number but it was too late as Cindy had pull her hair and shoved the DVD right through her mouth till she gagged and sprayed blood to her bestfriend’s face Cindy.

1.2 The Demonologists

“I didn’t kill her! She’s my best friend! Let me go! Let me go!” Cindy went amuck when the police handcuffed and captured her. She tried to escape but all the effort was wasted when she was securely grabbed and held by the police men. “I didn’t kill her, I swear! Briana no!”
“I’m sorry miss but we can’t just let you go. Your finger prints are all over the evidence.” Said one of the police men.
“This is a mistake! I would never do that to anyone! She’s my best friend! My best friend!” Cindy felt like her heart was crushed. The pain inside was too intense to bear. Far ahead was Jason Steward, watching the girl crying and screaming over her best friend’s dead body. She was then put into the car and gone from his sight in the distance.
“What’s the girl name?” asked Jason to his partner Detective Inspector Claire.
“Cindy Morrison. 18 years old, went to Pacific High, 5,4 ft tall, lives in Lauderdale, Tucsonville. She’s the only daughter of the Morrisons.”
“Had she involved in any criminal acts before?”
“No. Her record was cleaned. She’s a good girl. I went to see her friends and school teachers at Pacific High. They told me she’s one of the best students, never had any problems with anyone or with her studies. I also met with her father, he said he was shocked, they were out of town when her daughter commited the murder, the victim, Briana, is a daughter of their neighbour, Mr. And Mrs. Kelsey. Cindy’s mother refused to be questioned. She was devastated with the news.” Replied Claire.
“What else did you find out?” asked Jason.
“Well, there is something.” Answered Claire. “I don’t know if you want to believe this but this case is quite similar happened to five years and eight years ago.”
“What is it?”
“The murder of Rita Paolo and Mary Watson case. The murderer went out of control after answering a phone call. One case caught on CCTV camera, when Mary brutally stabbed her grandfather with a screwdriver to his chest and neck. And trust me you don’t want to see that video.”
“But what could be the cause of it? If it wasn’t drugs there could be something else.” Jason tried to clear his mind to allow answers to this puzzling case.
“Possesion. The FBI and CIA didn’t believe the crap but I invited someone who are actually expert in this part of other world. Something related to paranormal investigation. Oh! looks like they’re here now.” Jason turned back and saw two elderly couple around late 50’s to early 60’s. The man approcahed DI Claire and shaked her hand.
“Morning DI Claire so good to see you, thank you for inviting us. And you must be DI Jason, Claire had told us about you and your field of expertized, oh btw I am Ed Warrens and this is my wife Lorraine Warrens, the demonologists.”
“Oh, you are? Wow I mean it is so good to see you sir. I can’t believe I’m meeting you here. Heard so many legends about you two getting rid of demons!”
“It was an honor, DI Claire wants to surprise you. She knows that you are a great fan of us she decided to make up the plan for this.” Jason faced Claire and shot her a weird grinned.

1.3 Second Phone Call

“We have dealt with this case before about five and eight years ago. The demon calls himself “Ultor” it’s a latin word for avenger.” Explained Ed Warrens. Then Lorraine continue to explain.
“We tried to capture the demon and seal it inside a bottle. But the force was too strong. This demon Ultor is very clever, he can disguise by being good. Being good I mean, he can take over your body and stay as long as he wanted. The worst is that, he could travel in an instant and took over your body just by listening to his voice, like answering the phone.”
“Is there anyway how to kill it?” asked Jason. They were all quite while waiting for an answer.
“It is impossible. The only way to stop it is by sealing it. And trust us again, it won’t be that easy. Last time we did with the help of a local priest, it took his life.”
That night, Jason went home late. He only arrived home around 9.07 pm in the evening. Tired, he grabbed something to eat from the fridge. His wife had prepared him some spaghetties and sandwiches . Taking a seat at the dining table then his wife greeted him.
“You’re late again.”
“I’m sorry dear, It’s just that . . .”
“Work. No need to explain more Jason. You see, you just can’t make promises if you can’t fulfill it. Your boy Billy been waiting for you. You promised him yesterday that you’re gonna play baseball with him this afternoon.” Then Jason mobile phone started to rang.
“I’m sorry dear I’ve got to answer this. Work.” The phone call wasn’t made by someone he knew. It wasn’t even work related. The big wide screen of his cell phone showed it was a private number. He made an excuse so that he coould avoid the fight with his wife. Jason got up from his seat and walked to his library, where he kept all of his books. He answered the phone.
“Hello?” Jason waited for an answer but no replied. Instead he made up a fake conversation out loud so that his wife could hear him that he was talking with his work partner. Jason decided to close the door. “Hello? Is someone there? Are you the one who made stupid calls and tell people to do stupid things? You better answer me now, I could track you down, wherever you are.” The same thing happened. Strange language. Talking gibberish.
Jason open the door of his library. His wife was staring at him.
“Are you done now?” But Jason didn’t answer a thing.
“That’s it Jason I had enough. We should just file a divorce!” But then Jason look up to his wife. He took out his gun and shot her at her left leg. Jenny was shouting and whimpering in agony.
“Are you mad?! I’ll call the police! Stop!” Jenny crawled to get to her son bedroom. Once she arrived to the door of the room, she knocked the door hard, banging it like crazy. “Billy wake up! Wake up! Please run!!” But Billy didn’t wake up, she pushed hard against herself to reach the door knob. She finally reached it and opened it. Jason was still standing in front of his library door with gun pointing to the floor. Jenny heard him sometimes laughs then talking in strange language. She locked herself in her son bedroom. She switched on the light and only then Billy woke up.
“What’s wrong mom? Why are you screaming it’s already late. Mommy you’re bleeding!”
“Don’t worry about mommy. I’ll call the police!” Jenny reached for her phone inside her pocket. Suddenly Jason started banging on the door.
“Jenny dear! Open the door! Please open the door! I’m sorry! Did I shot you? Come on please open the door!” Jenny ignored her husband. She dial 911 but something strange answered her phone. She went silent and turned her gazed towards her son.
“Mommy what’s wrong with daddy? I’m scared!” But Jenny didn’t reply at all. Jenny crawled to her son Billy.
“Jenny open the door! I’m going to bust this door open!” Jason was ignored. Jenny grabbed her son’s neck and choking him.
“Momm . .y let go, I can’t breath . . . e.” She kept choking her son till his face turned blue. Suddenly the door broke open. It was all too late. Billy had died.
“No . . . No!!!” Jason dropped his gun. Jenny looked back to his husband. She gave him a death stare while talking in some strange language.
“You! You demon! Get out of my wife’s body!” Jason slapped and punched his wife, to wake her up. But it was a useless thing to do. At this time, Jenny hand went to reach her husband gun on the floor. She grabbed it and pulled the trigger. Jason was dead, shot to the underside of his chin.

1.4 Revenge

“In honor of the death of my friend, Detective Inspector Jason Steward and his wife Jenny Steward, I would like to express my heart felt sympathy to his family and relatives who attends today’s sorrowful ceremony. Jason was a hardworking detective, a man with pleasant attitude, cheerful, respected, live with a dream, a dream to help our communities and the world to embrace a brighter future, peace and prosperity. He was a man full of honor and one of our best member in the team. He solved many cases and stood for justice, for everyone. Once again, I pray that Jason will rest in peace and that all his good deeds, will be rewarded and will never be forgotten. Amen.” Claire walked away from the podium and sat back from where she was sitting. Another family member of Jason’s wife took turn to make the speech. Claire was tearing up. Lorraine Warrens saw she was crying under her big black shades and walked to sit next to her.
“Sometimes life doesn’t seem to be how we want it to be. The pain of reality really do harsh things. When we were happy spending times with those we loved and all of a sudden it was taken away from us, the suffering and pain was unbearable.” Lorraine put a brief pause for a moment and continue talking. “I have a daughter once Claire. Her name is Catherine. She left us too soon. She died at home in her bed with her eyes and mouth wide opened. She got bruises around her neck, chest and legs. The demon we tried to kill tricked us, to leave home while he got our daughter. We left her all alone at home. Can you imagined that? She’s just six years old.” Lorraine was sobbing after telling her horrible past to Claire. Claire understood and they both gave each other a comfort embraced.
“I’m sorry Lorraine. I didn’t know.” Said Claire.
“It’s okay. It’s been a long time I want to share this story with someone and I just found the right person.” Claire wiped Lorraine’s tears while at the same time she did the same thing to Claire. Claire gave Lorraine a hopeful smile and hold each other’s hand while continue on listening to the speech made by victim family. The day ended slowly as if time had been slowed down. Claire still couldn’t believe that her best friend DI Jason was killed. She couldn’t sleep well that night. The image of the murder scene still freshly playing on her mind.
“I need to do something. This must end now.” Claire thought to herself. She pick up her cell phone and called Lorraine. “Hello Lorraine?” said Claire.
“Hey Claire, what is it dear?” answered Lorraine.
“I need a favour. I want to be the medium. I want this madness to end now.”
“Claire my dear, what are you talking about?”
“I’m willing to help you and Ed capture the demon and seal it, with me as the medium.”
“This is a very big decision Claire, are you really sure?”
“Yes, I’m sure and I’m ready. I want to avenge Jason’s death and stand for justice. The demon had cost so many lives, it’s time for it to stop.”
“Well, if that what you really want then I can’t stop you. But you must think again Claire if you need to change your mind, you have to let me know. It might cost your life.”
“No. I’m done thinking. We do it tomorrow night.”

1.5 Last Phone Call

Claire, the Warrens and a priest were now ready for the summoning ceremony to begin. They had chosen Jason’s home for the place of summoning with permission from his family. Claire was seated on a chair in the middle of the bedroom where the murder had taken place. Her hands and legs tied to the steel chair. Ed Warren came whispering to Claire’s right ear.
“Just calm your mind, don’t think anything else. Close your eyes and let the demon take over your body so we could communicate with him. I’ll be next to you, preparing Jason’s cell phone, once the phone rang I’ll let you answer it. Relax and you’ll do just fine.” Claire nodded and the summoning began.
The priest started reading a passage from the bible and Lorraine was reading the spell to summon the demon. Within the few minutes, the phone rang. No numbers on the screen, just a text showing private number. Ed held the phone to Claire’s right ear and she answered the phone. “Why are you doing this? What do you want?”
Claire went silent her head dropped down. Then she looked back up, face pale, eyes all black, glaring sharp to Ed, Lorraine and the priest. She laughed, voice growling like an animal then she started talking.
“Who called me? This woman said what did I want. I want you all die!” said the demon.
“Ultor! Why are you doing this? Why did you killed Jason and other victims before?” said Lorraine. The demon using Claire’s body looked at her.
“You! I know you! I’ve seen you before. You and your husband tried to seal me. But you failed. Grahahahaha!” The laughed made by the demon was very creepy.
“So you want to know why I killed them . . . . . I kill the weak who never understood someone elses fear, people of arrogance, selfish, greedy and the bullies. I was releasing Jason from his misery that he would never shown to others. You won’t understand.”
“No. It’s you who do not understand. It’s not your business to pry into someone elses matters, it’s not your power to judge someone and it’s not your right to take someone else’s life!” replied Lorraine with anger. Then she continued reading something in Latin.
“Deus omnipotens septem angelis caeli porta inferni aperta iter faciens et nutrientibus in omne malum hominis in terra tumultu. Signum sempiternum, et non revertetur!” (God almighty, angels of seven skies, gate of hell, open your passage and suck in every evil beings that made chaos on this earth. Seal them forever, and never come back!)
Quickly, the priest took out a little glass bottle about 4.5 inches in size and pointing it ready to Claire’s nose. Ed Warrens was holding back Claire’s head to make her stay calm. The demon struggled to get out, but it can’t as the holy water was sprayed earlier all over Claire’s body. Slowly a black smoke came out from Claire’s nose and being sucked into the little bottle. The bottle was sealed immediately as the demon was caught inside. Ed Warrens checked on Claire. Her nose was bleeding badly, because of the pressure when the energy of the demon and her aura clashed, as the sealing processed took place. Claire woke up with a question, “Did we get it?”
The Warrens and the priest were only smiling.

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September 27, 2016 - 15:27 Chei! This sent shivers down my spine ... in my country here, network companies are fond of calling your number with strange numbers, hope it won't turn out to b the demon one day.... kiki
M.D Khamil

M.D Khamil

September 28, 2016 - 03:02 Same here. The past few months been receiving phone calls with long numbers. Could be scam company tricking ppl to invest money on them.
Sharmishtha Shenoy

Sharmishtha Shenoy

October 1, 2016 - 17:11 I block such caller :-) . But creepy. Nicely written.
M.D Khamil

M.D Khamil

October 2, 2016 - 05:44 Wise move! Thanks for reading sharmy =)


February 9, 2017 - 20:37 Latin seems to be incorrect. 'signum' is not a verb, and connot be used in that context. But great story! Very engaging plot
M.D Khamil

M.D Khamil

February 10, 2017 - 04:49 Thanks for spotting that out friend. What word should I replace it with? Any suggestion?

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