Where’s that First Love Sparkle in Your Face?

by DavidBokolo
A new day is down in the horizon and
the radiant of the sun breaks
through the cloudy overcast
of the shadows of the night and
the spell of a rainy bout

The flowers break forth into a blossom
scarlet brightness on the field
like an opening portal, absorbing in
the sun refreshing warm breathe;
spreading out their fragrance in a
tantalizing sensation to a new world
filled with ecstasy.

Attracting layers of multicolored
butterflies and beauty that filled the
environment in flowery fairy worldliness
Mortal hearts melt and drawn into this
captivating feeling of love, knotted at the altar.

Alas, reality is a crude cudgel that corrodes
this beautiful display of the universal harmony
As the radiant sun burns fiercely to the noonday haze
and the flowers withered in the scourging blaze
while the butterflies scampered from the
Approaching dusk and nightly clouds

Thus, she sparkles and shines at a new found love
But in the reality of the batters and turns of life
Pilgrimage, that is filled with turns and twist
A fair weathered spouse would succumb
To the wrinkles line of unfulfilled life’s dream
Where’s that First Love Sparkle on Your Face?
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