"And Yet The battle Rages On"

by DavidBokolo

His uniform starched and ironed parade style
Proudly, he stepped down from the squad van
Nothing depicts him from the regular combatant
Except the fiber helmet, considering the hazard
Of his job; this looks pretty light, one would say

He has a family; wife and kids back home
He is a benefactor to large extended family
But today he’s been summoned to duty
A job that could save the lives of dozens,
Disposing of a lethal package on the street of Kaduna

So he stepped out of the van, smart and elegant
In the immaculate uniform of a lawman
A symbol of authority and peace he represents
The crowd stood still, peering breathlessly
With all the elegance of a professional, he sauntered along

He walks along as one summoned by the gods
Fate stood still; the gods looked the other way
None to whisper caution; none to murmur halt
It was a routine job, just like the one before
So he marched on with a singular purpose

They were called the bomb squad boys
They were called the bomb disposal unit
They were known as the lawmen
Who put their lives on the line for others
To execute a thankless and despised job

So the crowd stood still, waiting breathlessly
He was the only moving being in a crowded city
One second he was hovering over the culprit
Bruuum! The sound echoed down the road
Reverberating over the sand dunes of the desert

Reverberating down the spine of men
In million homes as they glued to TV
He was alive and proud officer of the law
A second ago; a very long second of life
Transiting into life beyond this realm

In second, and there were only Limbs and sinews
Held together by threads from that immaculate
Uniform that represents authority, which has been
Trampled upon with the fiercest of ignominy
And without a name, he’s paid the supreme price

He is one in a hundred who paid the Supreme price
In line of duty; there are no epitaphs to immortalize
These proud lawmen: he is one of the forgotten heroes.
Whose pain gnawing the heart of only those they left behind;
Wives and children, weeping for their loved ones.

Anarchy has loosened upon our generation
By forces demented by an evil apparition
Masked in men’s face with satanic ideology
He died in that gruesome exhibition, yet there’s
No, let go; the battle still rages on.
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