"You Ripped my Love Into Shreds"

by DavidBokolo
“You Ripped My Love Into Shreds”

How delicate is the heart of a man
It throbs gently at every beat
Yet it bears the burden of the man
From the things he loves best
And the things he loathes so dreadful

Of the things he loves best was the love
Of the one he loves so dearly
Her sight twinges a cord in his heart
Vibrating in his soul as fountain drips
Her voice reels echoes of passion in his heart

She welcomes his homecomings with
A blossom beauty and warmest cuddling
Absorbing into his heart in adorable abundance
So immense, he could hear his heart throbs
Oh! What burdens the heart bears even in love

So, what burden bears the heart in love?
It ponders in jealous on the one in loves
It shirks from believing that this is real
It hears the unspoken words from her
And above all, she’s the treasure in the heart.

But of the things the heart loathes most,
Are the thought of broken love torn asunder
By an invisible hand of pretty frail nerve
He can almost hear himself howling
“You ripped my love into shreds.”

The heart of man is so delicate
Soft and tender yet doth hurt
It throbs gently as the ticking clock
It tears and bleeds when hurt
Yet it is a reservoir of a woman’s love
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