Upon the Savior's Footprint

by DavidBokolo

I beheld the boulevards paved in gold
Adorned with the glory of celestial mold
A fountain spraying out sparkling water
From the mount on which His Throne was made

Cascading down in bright incendiary flow
Sparkling like million diamonds rushing below
Forming a rivulet; a life giving water doth flow
A heavenly soothing balm, for victorious souls

Spreading out its branches to the horizon
Nestled majestically upon the water brooks
Dazzling fruits it bears upon its luster wings;
Is the tree of life, at the weary pilgrims end

Mansion of fairy opulence adorned the celestial city
A beauty yet imagined only in fairy tales
Where the Seraphs in majestic splendor
Adore him, whom the mountain throne made

A shimmering vision upon which my hope stays
Yet, now I dwell in the squalor of earthly ruins
A desolate forlornness amidst my strayed goals
Only seeing darkly the brightness the morn brings

The years gone by are deeply fading dreamy glints
The present, a fleeting blizzard on the pilgrim part
But mansions fair on celestial shore, do I behold
My dawn; upon the Savior's footprint

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