The Mysteries in Nature's Stead: The Wind

by DavidBokolo
The grasses sway gracefully
upon the field on the Hilltop
to an invisible push of the wind
Seemingly to roll over in a soft
undulating ecstasy as the push
turns to a forceful shove

It pushes the mighty Iroko tree 
in the forest which bows pliantly
to the mood of the invisible whistling
wind, and tears away the mighty
branches of all recalcitrant wood
as it roars along in the fury of its anger

The gentle rippling water of the
sea rolls in an undulating trough
Rising tempestuously to mighty raving
mountainous waves, aggressively taking
down everything on its part, to the
shoving of the wind that's gone berserk

It turns the ingenuity of human
invention to pulps and ruins
Pulling down mansions and
bridges, highways, and waterways
as it summons all elements of nature
in a frenzied tale of murderous and
destructive display of strength

O! Mighty Wind, you sail through our part 
soft and gentle, caressing our body and soul
in the fondness of a lover’s touch so invigorating
Whistling in a tune of love and greatness to mankind 
Refreshing our breath daily in the newness of life

Whence come thou, O Noble Wind?
Whence goes from thence, O Precious wind?
Does thy part leads to the fountain of Life,
Thou mighty one that inhabits in the Wind?
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Sharmishtha Shenoy

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