by DavidBokolo

Man! Oh Man.

How cruel thou art

I was invented to satisfy

Your cruel ambition

And made to plunge a one way trip

Through the clouds above the highest height

Where no man has ever trodden

High up to the Stars I plodded.

Oh! What fantasies I behold

I emitted down to Mother Earth

Knowing forever I will not behold

Her Beauty anymore.

On Mars bare surface I rested

And Oh! What contrast you are

To Mother Earth with her

Luster green and moisture

With her Rivers, Seas and Oceans

A supporting comfort

And her peculiar creature; Man

A constant reminder of my past.

A lonely Sojourner here on Mars

Wailing to my cruel inventor; Man.

Trudging mars barren surface till my

Strength failed and wailing no longer heard

Weak and weary I submitted

To whatsoever betide my future

To behold in this barren Estate

Of gloom and woe.

For years I have waited

Hoping but knowing

There will no be companion

For there is none beside me.

left to fate, I survey

Back and forth my lonely

Estate of drear and forlornness

Wishing my weary strength back.

They came, grim but weightless.

Motionless but moving

They encroached over me.

Red dust of Mars made my grave
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