The Highway Cops

by DavidBokolo

There was no comfort in the enveloping darkness
while the silence echoed against the gloomy wall 
of the impregnable shadows, enveloping the men
positioned at their duty post along the stretch in this
No-man’s land; their ears strained tautly, listening to
the sound of this unknown foe lurking in the shadows

The frostbite gnawing through their light fabric
tearing into their marrow, chilling the flowing
fluid in the body; their teeth clattering against
each other: being cut short intermittently from
the flow of blood as the cold wind whistling over
the dark Harmattan night, bashing against the men

Yet they clung to their post, not giving away their 
position to the unknown foe lurking in the shadows
Even now, ready to visit the peaceful gloomy night
with death, pain and anguish to the world turned
upon its heel, where friends and foes mingle
together in the confinement of life’s voyage

The beam of light silhouetted like a space ship
over the misty darkness in the horizon, long before
they heard the sound of an approaching vehicle
in the dark solitary highway filled with dread

Like apparition, the team stirred at their post
their weapon ice cold in the stiff hands
as the lights tore through the mist, bearing down
on them like the unknown foe lurking in the shadows

This is the routine life of the Highway Cop
Shifting through the layers of nocturnal travelers
along these perilous highways between the 
east and west; north and south, searching
for the unknown foe lurking in the shadows

While mere mortal lay peacefully in their homes
the Highway Cop is huddled up in the chilling dark
highway in the middle of nowhere, and his wife
and baby lay smudged up in an unlighted matchbox
hut, staring at the starry sky, wondering what has
become of their hubby as he prowls the highway 
for the unknown foe lurking in the shadows

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