The Great Flood

by Teddy Kimathi

She sat by
the left side of her bed, and read her a verse from the Bible, as she always
did when she was a child. She read every line with sweet, warm conviction. Her
face was soothing as she read a verse in the Book of Genesis, about the story of

The ground
beneath them was shaking, while sea water was splashing on the windows. It was
dark outside yet it was only four in the evening. A hurricane was wrecking
havoc in their shores. Mother and daughter looked as though they were in a
ship, right in the eye of a storm.

“Why are you
so calm mother?” she asked.

Her sense of
frustration had been surpassed by astonishment about her mother’s calmness, which
she never showed since when she was a child. She was temperamental and

“Are we
going to die? I have a feeling you want to make peace with me….with God…”

Her mother
just smiled immaculately, put her Bible down, and told her she was already at
peace, from the moment the storm began. The rare, raging climatic chaos had
somehow made her temperament to feel too small, too insignificant.

“No one will
die….not today, my darling. Everything will be alright.”

As she completed
saying the last word, a loud noise shook the attic. A tree branch had broken a
window, and entered into the attic. Her daughter’s eyes were teary with terror.

“We’ll get
through with this!” she assured her daughter.

“You’ll get
through with this! Noah got through with his worries, when the world turned to
a big bathtub, with overflowing water.”

She reminded
her that her boyfriend wasn’t good for her; he only wanted to use her as a
dumpsite for his self-inflicted problems with the law. Her right eye was black
and sore, while her limbs pained. Her body was treated like a douchebag.

Tears welled
in the teenager’s eyes, as she yelled and cried, fighting the war within her.
She wanted to keep her boyfriend, yet she wanted to get rid of him. Her mother
held her warmly and firmly, until her shoulders became wet from her tears.

“Cry my
baby…cry until all your tears carry away your sadness….” she whispered to her

finally feel the ground beneath you, to start anew.”

For a while
she held her daughter, as she fell asleep by her right shoulder. She looked at
peace. It looked as though she would let her abusive boyfriend go, letting him
to fall in the arms of the law.

The sun rays
were now faintly piercing through the clouds. Water had stopped splashing the
windows. The Genesis page of Noah reaching the dry land was open.  Finally the storm was over.

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Sharmishtha Shenoy

Sharmishtha Shenoy

June 26, 2017 - 18:21 Chemistry between mother and daughter nicely done using the metaphor of the storm. Lovely!


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