The City Cops

by DavidBokolo

The City Cop


Like a gnat in the midst of giant shrubs

they prowled the street amidst these giant

concrete jungle; these darkly shaped building

whose inhabitants have barricaded themselves

in their self-made prison-like fence


The dead silence of the night was being kept alive

by the rumbling sound of generators that were

complementing the power source for the affluence,

creating a star-like appearance in some opulence

residence, otherwise the night was as dark as the

engulfing silence


The muffling sound of their boots echoing and

ricocheting against the wall could be heard a long way

down the alley; was itself a threat to their lives

Then, from the eerie and foreboding quietness

the sound of a shot rang out like the wailing

of a solitary spirit in an evil forest; for a brief

second, they were transformed as mummies


That accompanying banging of doors and shattering of glass

galvanized them back to the reality of their situation

And they edged towards the direction of the sound,

while around them, the windows and shutters in

those ghostly homes were drawn shut and men

braced up in their stuffy homes, ears strained, listening

to the terror of the night in our cities


Weapons were drawn out in combat position, the patrolmen,

summoned to the call of duty, edged on toward an

Unknown foes in the dark alley of the city in this quiet night


The confrontation was short but brutal

The sounds of shots were intense like a

thundering Storm, bullets like lightening,

rained in the alley speeding and whooshing

sound enveloped the scene


When the gun finally stopped at the sound

of a wailing siren called to the scene and

a toll was taken, another cop would not

be seeing his wife and baby without saying goodbye

He’d paid the supreme price to keep us safe in

our homes


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June 20, 2017 - 19:51 indeed, police officers are superheros just that there seem to be vilians amongst them acting as wolf in sheep's skin. nice one D


June 21, 2017 - 21:18 When the chips are down, they are all warriors, I bet you. Thank you, Dahmie, for your comment and upvote.

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