by Mandela
It had become a reoccurrence event as nobody,
not even the police nor the soldiers was unable
as of yet to know the exact thing or an
individual that is prompting what is now seen as
a weird invading of Paul Samuel's uncle
Last month was a bloody robbery experienced by
the patient employees. After the cold encounter,
Paul Samuel decided to keep his brows wide
open -while his uncle was out of the country for
a medical check up-so as to fish out the cause
of every robbery that had occurred through slight
investigation which would still however call for
the police attention should any member of the
enterprise be involved.
Through some partial information collected by
the neighbouring enterprises, Paul Samuel
decided to engage in further investigation,
probably hovering around the location of the
enterprise day after day for proper intricate.
It was on a Sunday morning when enterprises
don't normally open that Paul Samuel while
standing out of the site of people behind a large
building saw a ferocious looking figure marching
down to his uncle's enterprise's gate.
Paul Samuel laid hold on the guy after he
dropped a letter at the gate's base. After much
torture from the police as a suspect, the guy
confessed that he was among the gang that had
been invading the enterprise from evolving.
After the robbers were apprehended, Paul
Samuel was promoted to the highest position in
the enterprise by his uncle.
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Sharmishtha Shenoy

Sharmishtha Shenoy

October 29, 2015 - 01:05 Nice little feel good story! Request please read 'Simon's Story' And give your valuable feedback!

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