From the Recluse on the Hilltop

by DavidBokolo


Like a giant whale
breaking the surface of

the silent dark ocean
waters to take a breath,

the old man opened
the window of his thatched

house on the
hilltop; the rusty hinges croaking mournfully,

to take a look at
the dawn of another day in his self

marooned home on the


The wind bathed his
wrinkled face refreshingly

with the early
morning dews mingled with the acrid

smell of the burnt out grasses that were still hanging in

the air; a previous
day indiscretion by a careless farmer

the sun was just a
dazzling huge bowl on the eastern horizon


silence was deafeningly quiet that one could feel

with the fingers but in the surrounding bushes

The chirping sound of birds and insects reminded

that life still abounds despite


It’s the old man
routine in the last two years

since pitching his
tent here; a way to escape

from the  choking despair
he’d known in the city:

barricading himself on
the hill, forbearing a mixup

with the new ‘civilization,’ he’d called the new ‘change’


him, nothing had changed to fulfil the people expectation

sky has not changed from white to green, nor the

turned out shorter or longer than they had been

expected to see men flying like eagles and the

as an affluence of what could only be imagined

in  a Saraphinic planes


had not happened; as was the wand upon which they

on the gullible populace to ride to prominence

had not been any
compassionate all embracing

that the men had hoped for when they roughshod

old refreshing system to hoist a new cringingly fragile

upon the nation



there is any change to be seen, it’s been one excruciating

and draconic realignment from hopefulness to a

urge to just been alive to see what the next day breeds

I'd been holed up since the call for a fairer weather was

in the land


been glad to have the chirping birds with their tiding

to acquaint him with the going on in the outer world

a deep fresh breath of the morning distilled air

the mountaintop, he withdrew into the recluse of the



long should he had to wait? How soon before a refreshing would come?











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January 4, 2018 - 08:01 Wow! This is so good :)

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