by DavidBokolo

From the ages past, the Swamp
in the Niger Delta was inhabited
by people who live on the proceed
from the murky Swamp

Then in a stroke of Nature’s
benevolence, the murky Swamp
started oozing out the wealth and
riches of the whole nation

It spill out dark and crude sediment
from the bowel of its murky depth
These were aptly called crude oil
the black gold of the Swamp

Wealth that had metamorphosed
into the extravagance splendour
in other parts of the nation while
the Swamp decays into a desolate

The people mourn, the environment weep
and the vegetation withered away from
decades of exploitative pollution by a
cult of life sucking ‘vampiretic’ creed

Then by a similitude of Divine benevolence
a vision was decreed to lay the longest one
stretch thoroughfare from East to West
in this desolate swampy coastal swamp

Traversing through the western swamp,
and the rivers, and the seas to the east
This vision gives birth to the dream of
‘The Diamond in the Swamp’ poetic siege

It is going to lighten up the swamp
liven up the people in the swamp
that the half of the story of the wealth
and riches of the Swamp is yet to be told

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