by DavidBokolo

It had never been seen anywhere;

a beacon glowing in the murky swamp

That, one stretch of a thoroughfare

would house triple bridges of architectural

marvels that were ever known to mankind


The ‘Water Diamond of Grand Bonny’ is a marvel

to behold, glowing at night in the heart of the Swamp

A once tempestuous waterway now adorned

a six-lane concrete superstructure hanging over

the mocking waves below; a sure tourists’ haven


The ‘Escravos Marvel’ exhibits yet another

innovative display of craftsmanship, that beams

into the world, a once dreaded banditry enclave

as a highway of cruisers, yachts and sailing boats

competing for space and skilled seafaring


The ‘Wondrous Forcados’ pops out from its being 

a mere geographic landmark in the Bight of Benin

to a golden beacon in the mangrove swamps

A glowing edifce beckoning as an investors’

destination; with a string woven into the



There is a glow in the murky swamp;

glowing Pearls that attracting all

to its source like a park of swarms

It is Diamond, brightening the murk




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