Diamond in The Swamp Pt: 5

by DavidBokolo

The hallmark of great commercial cities 
in ancient times were those by the Seas
They’ve gone down memory lanes as the cities 
with Sea Ports, that built up the imperial domains

They dotted the global scope, from Tianjin to Venice;
from Quebec to St. Petersburg: cruisers flying their
national flags, laden with wares from both worlds
from Diego Delso to Haifa, jostling with seafarers

The swamp has lightened up a diamond glow
and numbered in the class of the Miami, the 
Bronson Kudus dan, and the Alexandra of 
this world in the international maritime space

In a blaze as the sprouting out of a tender
plant on a seed bed, the swamp has swiftly
metamorphosed into the dazzling commercial
hub of the region; half the story not yet been told

Berthed in all of the bridgehead Port cities
are vessels laden with wares from around
the world, onward into the hinterland
beyond the frontiers, to other nations

The mangrove forest had given birth to
Flowering gardens and parks, running
the width and breadth of the port cities
A green revolution and transformation

The rivulets that characterized the swamp
as the delta, have become lanes with neon Lights 
and club houses, twinkling in the dark nights
as the stars in the sky; a diamond in the Swamp

Oh, what a transformation; what a quiet change
That once dark and desolate wasteland of swamp
would transform to be the Diamond in the Swamp

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