by nelson c.j

It is Better Now.

Rememeber the time we used to walk together?

In Father's frangipani garden, where rain coulds gather.

We used words as offerings,

To form a bridge between our ablaze thunderings.

Remember the rain clouds that converged? and tore us apart.

Like cashew stained clothes. weakened from it's toxic.

I called you beauty, me exotic.

The trips along the hills that fastened your eyes to a swift ride,

And scenery that gave you many a smile.

Remember the sand? the seashells? the waves? The salty air?

Remember Us?

War broke out on Us. 

And we diversified. 

Drifted away, letters are now our breathing space.

Was it what I said?

How I ignored your petty requests?

My lethargy?

To make not your wrongs right.

To straddle hope, and alight!

Letters are now our bridge of feelings,

But I know,

With certainty, perhaps smug,

The good distacne has done.

Because We, Us,

This, is beter now.


Your hair, cottons you try hard to flex,

Your hair, fluffy as a prisoner's pillow, you try so hard to suppress.

Your hair, you comb, comb, and prune you into a vex.

Your hair, it tumbles off not. just bobs about as you undress.

You're Take-me-with-You beautiful.

Eyes like yours,

They kill.

Charcoal dark eyes like yours, 

They heal.

Khol rimmed eyes like yours,

They steal.

Hearts, and heads. and stuff them into your casket of incoherence.

Beauty, the mistress of a magnetic prescence.

Your skin. 

I don't want to talk about it.

It works perfectly, and tastes water clean.

It's a chocolate cake, I'm prepared to have bit by bit.

Beauty. oh beauty.

Universe did sign with you, good treaties.

Beauty, Oh m Beauty.

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