The Nerd Falls in LOve with the Prince

by Hari Ram
I'd love to say Ann Mary Susan was a normal young teenager with normal adolescent hormonal imbalance like other girls

of her age. Unfortunately she was not of that sort.She was the type of girl who never had the talent to mingle among others and

would be seen for ages staring into one of her books through her sharp rounded spectacles.I think by now most of you might have had a clear idea of who Ann really was. You can call her by plenty of nicknames like a nerd or bookworm or smarty skirts

which her classmates found amusing . She will get a little annoyed first on hearing them but later it turned out to be a part of her daily routines.

It all changed when Edwin James was newly transferred to her school. He would have been just a classmate in her school if she hadn't bumped into him on his first day at school. Edwin was trying to recover a rolled over pen from the floor when it happened.

He accidentally bumped into her headfirst. Immediately the next moment he said sorry and asked for her name.

It was all going quite normal until she found herself staring at Edwin for the last two periods. She couldn't understand the unusual feeling she was having. A feeling she hadn't felt for anyone else.

As if done by the hands of fate, on the way back from school she was happy to discover that her handsome young prince was going in the same route as she was and was more delighted to know that he lived in the same street. But still she had no courage to go talk to him.

Edwin was just about to turn to a corner leading to his house when he waved his arms and called out to her."Hey Ann, where do you live?"

'Oh!! my God he remembered my name' Ann thought." my house its....on the seventh avenue."she said trying to finish her sentence with a lot of effort.

""oh goodbye then, have a nice evening Ann" he said while slowly vanishing into the corner.

She was stunned and couldn't move her feet from that spot for the next few seconds.

We could only imagine how she must have felt trying to sleep that night. While every other boy in the world avoided her,

Edwin was the only one who greeted her with generous words.

The next day she came to school as a new girl. For the first time in her life she was wearing makeup and was looking more

beautiful than she had ever looked. All the other girls looked at her with astonishment. Even Angela the beauty queen of the class commented on her looks "The crows must be flying upside down today.What has happened to our smarty skirts"

Finally it was our prince Edwin's chance to see the princess "Well you look different than yesterday. You should consider

making it permanent. I think it suits you well" Edwin said with a surprised smile.

"Th....thank you.......Edwin" she said while caressing her newly straightened hair and carefully avoiding eye contact with him.

Since that day her visits to the beauty parlor became more often.she was not the girl she used to be. She stopped using spectacles and instead wore contact lenses. She was now trying to impress the boys. She could now finally talk to the boys and also to Edwin whom she had done all this for. But still she couldn't tell him his feelings.

How love changes a person. It was almost too late when Ann's family finally understood what was happening to her.

They gave her counselling and tried to make her understand that what she was experiencing was part of her adolescent period and that she will get lots of time to fall in love later on in her life and that her prime duty now was to study. But all these lectures were useless. She was blinded by love [and also by adolescent hormonal secretions such as that of estrogen!]

Finally, she regained her self consciousness when she got her exam results and she had almost cried.

Her marks where much lower than what she was getting. Her teachers were shocked to see her results and started asking her, what had happened to her?

So after much thought and consideration Ann finally decided to keep her love and her beautiful self aside atleast till she reaches college. Who knows, may be she may find her real prince charming when she reaches college.

So she decided to remove her lenses and to put on her old spectacles. [Besides, the lenses were giving her severe skin irritation]

She studied well and got high scores in the examination.


But where is the fun in that.

The real miracle happened when Ann reached college. Her first love Edwin was studying in the same college and had opted for the same course. He had turned into a young man and was looking more handsome than ever. Will Ann finally have the courage to tell Prince Edwin her feelings?

Now that my friends is another story...................................................!!!!!!!!
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Ramisa Anjum

Ramisa Anjum

February 11, 2015 - 04:20 Nice story. You can also read my story "HAIRS CUTTING'"

February 11, 2015 - 04:24 Hey it's a wonderful love story.Can you please make the 2nd part of it for all of us and especially me.Please Please Please Please Please:'( :-[
Hari Ram

Hari Ram

February 18, 2015 - 04:59 Thanks for the compliment. I am working on it. But you'll have to wait for a little while.
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February 18, 2015 - 05:28 comment has been removed
Manahill Naik

Manahill Naik

April 2, 2015 - 21:14 aww that's so sweet jean.. really amazing.. this story makes me think of myself. umm not completely though :)

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