by Hari Ram
"I am known to many as 'Deaaath'?"
Tom rolled up his eyes in fright, astonishment and wonder all at the same time. trying to cope up with the fact that a young girl having eye dropping beauty has just appeared miraculously in his bedroom.

''What you are known as 'Day' then the 'Knight' must be following you isn't he? Where I don't se......"

"Stop blabbering you deaf idiot, I see that even at your death you haven't lost your slightest sense of humour''.Death said kneeing down and taking the blade that had, a few seconds ago cut the veins on his left hand. Blood was gushing out and it had already wetted all the four corners of his small bedroom floor.

"Well 'All is well that ends well.''
"Well in all the books I have ever read death doesn't look a least a bit like this.''

''What! you don't like this form. I knew it was disgusting to dress up as a human. Oh! well, it is because of such a pretty young lady that I am called hear in the first place isn't it?

Tom's pale looking face suddenly became gloomy and his head bowed down "Yeah that's right 'Serena' she abandoned me. She threw me away. I am a good for nothing piece of....."

"Again, stop vomiting junk from your pretty mouth, it was not your fault anyway. She was not meant for you. She is into rich handsome type boys and was a bad influence on you. You would have met your real dream girl, if you just had the patience and the will to survive." death said in her sweet melodious voice.

"Oh really!"Tom looked up.

"Yeah! really you would have met her real soon, actually in a few days. But you didn't, did you? You Haad to cut your nerves open with a shaving blade.
Oh well you got your chance now its time to go. See you on the other side. Well you are actually going to hell. See you in hell. We have arranged a welcoming party just for you." saying this she took hold of Tom's bleeding hands.

Tom suddenly became startled and tried to jump on to his feet "No wait.. wait...just wait, hear me, I don't wan't to die, not now, give me a second chance pleeease please, I am begging you just one more chance"

Death let go of Tom's hands and looked down bewildered " Oh! now you don't want to die. You are of better use to me after doing some more sins anyway, now you are too young and too good. Look boy you really wan't a second chance?''

"Yes, Yes"

"Well today's your lucky day to wake up, Wake up, WAKE UP TOOOM.........

"Whaaaaaat...." slowly Tom opened his eyes slowly weak tired and hungry. The blade was lying on the floor just beside him , but his hands were not bleeding any more. There was no wound either.
There were several empty bottles of Scotch Whisky lying on the floor. Tom's friends had gathered around him.

"What happened we thought you were going to do something stupid, because of your issue with Serena...."Raj said
"SHUSHHH, don't get him tensed again, remember what happened yesterday.'' Saif told keeping his voice down.

"What no guys, you think that I am that weak" Tom jumped up hiding the small blade in his pocket. "I am a little drunk that's all. I don't care about Serena any more. She was not meant for me and was a bad influence , besides I can get better girlfriends don't you think so."

Tom's friend's sighed in disbelief to find such a quick resolve in such a short time.

"Must be because he is drunk.
Strange, I feel as if a women had been just here in his apartment. You could smell the strong mesmerising woman's scent masking the smell of alcohol. You feel it too don't you ... " one of Tom's friends commented.
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