Take me

by francredavon
The rain slithered down in a silvery curtain, enveloping the place in squishy wetness. An unsolid destruction of all activities about. Yet a cacophony of dark umbrellas sailed high above, causing more slithering curtains and squishy wetness.
Aurella bent her head and forged ahead in the rain. The hood of her coat her own misely version of an umbrella. The cafe was warm and crowded, and wet. Solace nonetheless. Seated by a huge window, she warmed her hands by clasping them together around the already served steaming mug. Her gaze wandered. Her mind took over and soon she was overtaken by sheer rage, and assailed by primal lust. She warmed up from the searing heat of them both.
She wasn't speaking to him anymore. More to the point, she was done with him. Ç'est fini. He was a mad man. He was a cheat, an arrogant fool and - and - darn too sexy for any good. She knew that. She had been his victim. But no more. Not anymore.
Darn it! She needed to get away from here. She wouldn't fool herself that it hadn't been him she had spotted on her way here at a corner. That those weren't his searing gray eyes following her every step. Mocking her.
Darn it. Hurriedly she quaffed her steaming tea, escaping tongue burn, paid and escaped.

Good. Good girl. She had most certainly bored him. Now she could enter her tiny apartment, shower and cry or eat herself to sleep. Perfect plan. She almost applauded herself.
The apartment was cold and dark. And so was everywhere. She shrugged off her wet leather jacket and hung it to dry. She turned on the bedside lamp and screamed as she jumped out of her cold trembling skin.
Gray predatory eyes laced her over and this tremble wasn't from cold at all. He rose to his feet, a dark forbidding figure. She swallowed and stepped backwards. If only her apartment weren't too tiny. Just when the words had formed in her mouth, he attacked her mouth. His tongue all fired up, left heat trails everywhere. She trembled. His hands, sure and steady, formed her body. She whimpered. Her nipples felt their need fulfilled when his thumb grazed them. She melted. His other hand tugged almost viscously at her hair, creating space for his sweet assault. She was clinging to him. She went wild when his fingers skimmed across her floral pants and awakened her very intimate desires. She clutched at his shoulders and moaned repeatedly. He was at it again.
Suddenly he broke away. His fingers torturing her intimate petals. She objected almost violently. "Look at me," he commanded. "Look at me, I say." His breathe was ragged. His voice raspy. He was raw.
Uncertain green eyes rose to meet a pair of arresting gray eyes and her heart plunged downwards. She felt trapped. Waves built as he kept rubbing her knob and never letting her eyes drift shut. He commanded and they obeyed. She whimpeted. Her pelvis bulked. Yet he continued. She was heretofore, in sweet trouble.
"Say it."
The tide grew and she tried to fight it. But it drew her firmly in and washed all over her. Assailing her. She whimpered yet said nothing.
His head swooped down and took prisoner her nipplr. She screamed at the rioting heat searing her tender skin from his impudent mouth and tongue. The twin sensation of her pulsating knob and her quivering nipple granted her will a nosedive to nothing. Yet she held on.
She felt him tug savagely at her waist band and felt with a shudder his hand snake in to touch her eagerly waiting knob. Aurella died and came back to life; and evapouratedvwhen his fingers slid into her hot cavern. She was wet and running.
"Say it."
She jumped and screeched when his teeth tenderly grazed her nipple. She trembled.
"Say it."
She whimpered. "I - I love you."
A guttural groan escaped his lips. Roughly he tore her pants from the middle, hefted her up and brought her deftly down upon his erect member. Aurella felt a huge tide wash over her as her first cum took over her. Yet he pushed her up and down, up and down. Until they exploded, silmultaneously.
Through harsh pants, he leaned close to her ear and whispered. "Marry me."
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