by Zeame
''Well, see you man.'' Travis said as he patted by back.

I nodded and entered our room.

''Give it back!'' I heard a familiar voice in the hallway.

I glanced and saw Vanessa Ramirez pouted when her friend Faye Salvador didn't give her chocolate bar.

''Nah ah ah! Promise me that you'll go.'' Faye said as she waved the food in front of Vanessa's face.

''I hate you.'' She replied.

''Nope love you me.'' Faye winked.

''Okay I'll go!'' Vanessa finally gave in, snatching her chocolate bar.

''OMG thank you so much! Later then.'' Faye briefly hugged her best friend and happily walked away.

She entered our room with sparkling eyes.

-Really? Is that chocolate bar that good?-

I chuckled at that thought.

-What an interesting girl.-


''Mr. Westfield, please distribute the additional course materials to your classmates.'' Mrs. Helton said as she wrote something in the board.

Being the number one student taking this course and of course being Luke Wilhiem, I got all the privileged, note the sarcasm, to be the professor's attendant.

I sighed and went to get the papers at the front then distributed them. I noticed same things happening again - except for one.

The girls were usually trying hard to bat their fake long eyelashes, winking or do other crazy stuff when I approached them. I'm used to it really, but not with her reaction.

Vanessa Ramirez acted as if eating secretly, so that our prof won't notice, her chocolate bar was more interesting than my presence. It hurt my pride a little but when she finally noticed me, Vanessa looked up. She's not like the other girls who wore fake eyelashes and makeups, but her big blue eyes and slightly pouted lips, made me stared at her.

''My papers?'' She asked.

''Here.'' I replied as I immediately composed myself.

After distributing the papers, Mrs. Helton explained what they were for. Most of them were just additional reading materials but the last one was for the upcoming field trip.

''What are we? Kids?'' The guy at my left whispered but our prof heard him.

''Silence! That's for assurances only. If you want to do the paper and documentation, then I suggest don't come.'' Mrs. Helton eyed the guy.


''Woah, parent's consent? Haha! What are you? Kids?'' Travis said as he ate the pizza.

-I heard the same thing before.-

We were in my room. He said he wanted to hang out that's why he was here.

I didn't answer him. My mind's debating if I should go or not. I doesn't matter if I'll do the paper and documentation by myself, but something was bugging me.

''Hey, can you ask Faye if Vanessa would go?'' I said as I turned to see him suddenly choked when he drank the pepsi.

''Wh-what? Why do want to know?'' He asked, confused.

''Nothing. Just curious. She's the only classmate that I know.''

Yeah, I knew Vanessa Ramirez through Travis. Apparently, he and Faye were dating that's why when Faye's coming over, she couldn't help to talk about her best friend.

Travis texted her, and after a few minutes...

''She replied! Faye said Vanessa will come.''


-Being alone in the field trip, I wonder how she'll manage. Now, I'll definitely go.-


PS. That chocolate bar was to'ak chocolate.
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Manahill Naik

Manahill Naik

August 11, 2015 - 12:21 hahah this was cute and funnnn :)


August 16, 2015 - 13:55 Thanks Manahil Naik! :)

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