by Zeame
I had an economics class from 7-9 am. Though I'm not fond of supply-demand discussions, I had no choice but to take it 'cause this course was a required one.

I sat on the second row from the back, and listened impatiently in the lesson.

-Really? Can this day just fast forward?-

As I began to scan the room, I noticed the good-looking guy seated in the third row from the front. I couldn't help but admired his blonde hair and perfectly curved nose.

As sensing someone staring at him, he turned around and looked at my direction.


I immediately looked away and pretended to listen.


Our econ prof divided us for the group report, and luckily, I'm with him.

We decided to make the report on Saturday at Sam's house, one of my five group mates.

-He's my group mate but I still couldn't talk to him like normal friends.-

I sighed.


Day passed by and it's Saturday already. As I wait for the bus to arrive, someone stood beside me. When I looked up, I saw him.

''Hey.'' I greeted.

''Hey.'' He replied.

''Did you bring the materials assigned to you?'' I asked.

''Yeah. You?'' He asked.

''Same here.'' I smiled.

He smiled too, revealing his cute dimples. His eyes were sea green and it feels like you would be drown when you stared at it for too long.

''So do you want to go first?'' He asked.

Bringing me back to reality, I answered stupidly.

''First where?''

''There.'' Then he looked at the bus waiting for us to get in or not.

''Oh.'' I replied then hopped on. He chuckled and followed me.

Embarrassed at my act, I couldn't look at him. We sat and rode in silence.


When we arrived, our other group mates were already there doing their parts.

I sat next to Alex and opened my laptop. Harvey sat next to me and opened our microeconomics book, and began answering the chapter questions.


''We're done!'' Sally, a small brunette happily announced.

''Drinks anyone?'' Sam entered with a tray of orange juice. Her maid followed with a tray of sandwich.

I glanced at Harvey when he got the juice and sandwich. Then handed those to me.

''Thanks.'' I blushed and got the food.

He smiled and got his own.

''Ehem!'' Sam pretended to cough and smiled knowingly at me which made me really blushed more.

Then she burst out laughing. Marie, our other group mate, and Alex asked her what's funny and she just waved her hand dismissively. I couldn't look at Harvey 'cause I'm too afraid if he got the hint.

I ate in silence, just listening to their conversations. I'm mentally praying that Harvey didn't get that I had a crush on him.

''I'll go to the restroom.'' Marie said.

''I'll go with you.'' Sam said as she stood up.

''Can I get some water too?'' Alex asked.

''Yup. Let's go.'' And they exited Sam's room.

A-w-k-w-a-r-d. Harvey and I stayed in silence.

''Umm, I think when they get back we should finalized the report.'' I said, trying to start a conversation.

''Yeah.'' He casually replied.

I looked at him, his reading our book. I sighed.

-Maybe he's not interested in me.-

When the three came back, we finalized our report. After that, Sam asked the thing that I really wanted to know.

''Hey Harvey, do you have a girlfriend?'' Harvey choked at the orange juice his drinking.

''No.'' He said after composing himself.

''How about crush? Do you have one?'' She asked, wiggling her eyebrows.

We stayed in silence, waiting for him to answer.

''Yeah.'' He said after a few moments.

''Really?! - '' Sam was cut off.

''And I'm not going to tell you guys.'' Harvey said slightly irritated.

''Oh come on man, don't take it seriously.'' Alex joked, lifting the tension in the room.

''Sorry for butting in but we really want to know.'' Sam smirked and I just stayed silent.

Changing the topic, Alex asked about our degree programs and courses taking. I answered their questions and sometimes I glanced at Harvey.


We managed to present our report right. After that, other groups also took their turns.

Sadly, that's the last requirement for this course. Meaning it would come to an end.

Really, I became good friends with them and spent the last days sitting together and hanging out after class.


''Harvey's at the university's garden.'' Sam whispered in my ears.

I nearly jumped when I heard her voice. She was with Marie and Alex.

''I'm not looking for him.'' I lied.

It's our last day and I wanted to, somehow, still get in touch with Harvey that's why I was going to ask him his phone number. Brave girl, huh? But he's the only one I didn't have 'cause Sam handed me their numbers except for him. They all smiled knowingly.

''Go now. You'll missed him if you don't.'' Marie chirped in.

I nodded and head towards the garden.

''Har - .'' I was cut off when I saw that he was not alone.

''I like you. Will you go out with me?'' Asked a by red haired girl.

My heart squeezed tight and I hid in the tree. But being a clumsy one, I hit my head in the hanging low branch.

''Ow.'' I said as I'm rubbing my forehead.

When I looked up, Harvey was walking towards me. I began to panic.

-I didn't expect to see a confession!-

''What are you doing?'' He asked.

''Nothing! Just continue your business. I've gotta go.'' I said as I started to turn around but he grabbed my arm.

I looked at him and my eyes landed to the girl who's walking towards us.

-Great. Just great.-

She looked confused and when she tried to say something, probably to asked why I'm with Harvey when she's laying her heart out, I interrupted.

''Don't mind me. I'm just his friend passing by. I'll go now, don't worry.'' I hurriedly.

''Oh I get it.'' She looked at me then at Harvey.

''Hope you'll be happy.'' Then she walked away.

-Okay? Why did she left?-

''It's the last day of the sem and you're still not honest.'' My eyes darted at Harvey.

''What?'' I asked confused.

He sighed.

''Who's the one you like?'' He asked.

Shocked at what he inquired, I couldn't answer. When he noticed, he spoke again.

''Just tell me honestly, 'cause I wanna hear it.'' He said, slightly irritably.

''Why?'' I asked back.

His face reddened and let go of my arm.

''Sam said that you like someone. And as if I have a plague, you're avoiding me and you're always near Alex. But when I remember the times I caught you looking at me, I started to think that you like me. So who is it then?'' He said hurriedly but clearly.

Dumbfounded, it took a while before I answered.

''You.'' I said as I faced the ground.

-I'm not supposed to confess!-

When I couldn't hear anything, I looked up and saw his face lit up.

Then he hugged me...


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