Field Trip

by Zeame
I looked around and saw that every seats were taken. I sighed. That's why I hate taking courses when I'm not with my friends.

As I reached the last two seats at the back, I sat. Not minding the bewildered looks at me, I put my bag down.

''Acosta?'' Called by our prof.
''Here.'' Answered by a brunette.

The roll call continued and it's finally my turn.

''Here.'' I said.

The guy seated next to me, whom I could not see the face because of his hood blocking the view, just raised his hand.

-I thought he was asleep.-

Our class will go to the beach. Really, it's not related to our course but for the sake of high grades and less work, we joined. Apparently, for those who will not join will have to submit a paper and documentary about our lesson from the start of the semester until the last one. Also, they would not receive an additional incentives. So there, not wanting to burden ourselves, all of us joined.

A few moments later, I realized why they're looking at me.

-I'm sitting right next to our university's most popular guy!-

Luke Wilhiem - university scholar, tennis prodigy, and number one heartthrob. Though he's famous, he rarely talks to others. And even though all girls swooned at him, well I'm not. Truthfully, it's not big deal to me that I'm sitting next to him except for his fans staring at me.

The ride will be five hours straight so instead of paying attention to some girls who, I think, now cursing me for being with their Wilhiem, I decided to sleep.


''Umm~'' I stretched my arms. It's really tough to sleep in the bus.

''Ouch!'' Said the cool, low voice.

''Oh my gosh! Sorry!'' I turned to face him.

''Finally you're awake.''

''Huh?'' As I looked around, I noticed that we were the only one who's still in the bus.

''Where did they go?'' I asked stupidly.

''Probably in dream land to join you eating chocolates.'' He smirked.

I glared at him but when his word sank in, my face reddened.

''Hahaha! Look at your face!'' Then he continued to laugh.

''You're so mean!'' I hit him while my face still red from being embarrassed.

''Hey, stop it! Haha!'' Then he caught my arm.

''Hmmp! Meanie!'' I said then pout.

''Let's go. Or do you still want to eat your chocolates?'' He said as he struggle not to laugh again.

I just picked my bag then head out. He followed me.

It's a private beach and our prof reserved this for us so when the guard looked at the list of names that who could enter, they easily let us in.

''I'm gonna change. You go on.'' I said to him.

I didn't wait for his reply and just went to the bathroom. I changed into red two piece but cover it with hanging white shirt and shorts. When I went out, I saw him standing outside.

''You're going to swim with that?'' He asked.

''How about you? You're going to swim with that?'' I asked. He's wearing white fitted shirt, his well built body noticeable, and shorts.

He just shrugged. I followed him as he began to walk.

Luke didn't mind the girls who were calling and praising him. At first, I intend to follow him because I don't have any other close classmate, but those daggers that his fans sending made me back off. I turned around and walked in another direction.

I spotted a high rock and climbed at it. Then I saw a quiet part of the beach - good for swimming alone. I immediately went down and removed my shirt and shorts.

As I'm floating, I heard a voice.

''This place is good.'' He said.

I stopped and looked at him. He climbed down as well. As his foot reached the sand, I splashed some water at him. He turned around and looked at me, amazed.

''You play dirty ha?'' Then he smirked and also splashed some water to me.

I laughed and fought back. We kept throwing water at each other. When we grew tired, I said ''time out'' then we went on the shore.

Panting, I faced him. Luke removed his wet shirt and I looked away. Then he walked towards the sea.

''Come on.'' He said and smiled at me.

I followed him; and we swam and played together.


As Luke and I we're resting on the shore after our heated battle in first find a red starfish, our prof announced to get in the hotel. And she gave us thirty minutes to change.

''See you.'' I said to Luke.

''See you.'' He replied.

I know the bathroom was still crowded so I head towards the garden first. Then few moments later, I went to change.


There's a buffet served for our dinner. I went to get my foods then sat in an empty seat in the last table. Luke sat beside me too.

We ate and talked for a few moments. Many people were shocked to see Luke talking and laughing especially with me. I just didn't mind them and so was he.

We were not going to spend the night at the hotel because majority of us have class tomorrow so by the time I sat on my seat in the bus, because of the fatigue, I really want to sleep immediately. But being a good ''friend'' to Luke, I waited for him.

''You seem really tired.'' He said as he sat beside me.

''Yeah, especially when waiting for someone who's much slower than a turtle.'' I replied sarcastically.

''Is everyone here?'' Our prof shouted.

''Yeah.'' We answered except for Luke.

''You waited for me?'' He asked in low voice so that our prof wouldn't hear. I just shrugged then close my eyes.


I yawned and stretched my arms.

''Ouch! You really like to hit me whenever you wake up do you?''

My eyes immediately opened and saw Luke rubbing his left cheek.

''Sorry!'' I said. Thoughts came in and my eyes grew wide. I looked around and saw our prof talking to the bus driver.

''Scared that everyone left you again in dream land?'' He chuckled.

I rolled my eyes and picked up my things. He followed me again. We said goodbye to our prof first and head out.

''Where's your house?'' Luke asked. We're still walking.

''Hornsby.'' I said.

''I'll pass that way. Wanna get a ride?''

''Sure.'' Then we head towards the parking lot of our university.


''That's your car?'' I asked, dumbfounded. I'm staring at the Maybach Exelero for goodness sake!

''Yeah. Problem with it?'' He asked, confused.

''Nah.'' Then we slipped on.

-Really, you have everything Luke. Lucky Luke.-

I smiled at the rhyming of words. But being tired of all the activities today, we drove in silence.


''Turn right, then right again. The last house at the left is ours.'' And he did as he told.

''Thanks for the ride Luke.'' I said as I went out.

''Wait, you forget your jacket.'' Then he handed me my purple jacket.

''Thanks.'' I smiled and went inside our house.


As I unpacked my things, I noticed a paper slipped inside my jacket's pocket.

"Thanks for today. I had a lot of fun.

Ummm, would you mind get something to eat some other time?"

Shocked at what I read, I looked at the window and saw Luke's sports car still outside our house.

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Manahill Naik

Manahill Naik

July 10, 2015 - 11:32 Well written :)


July 11, 2015 - 08:25 Thank you for reading my story! Hope you'll read the other ones. :)
Manahill Naik

Manahill Naik

July 11, 2015 - 18:06 I did read all of em and loved it.. :) write more :) :P


July 12, 2015 - 07:21 My, thanks! :)


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