She Should've Lied

by bestdianneever

Everything she doesn't know
She learned to do
Everything she is afraid of
She faced them all
And everything she does
She does it for him
When cooking isn't her thing
She tries
Even if all she gained are small cuts
Not even a single praise from him
When gaming doesn't please her
She waits beside him while he play
When singing is not her passion
She listens to him attentively
When lying isn't her last refuge
She tells him the truth
So when he asked her how she feels
She told him she cares for him
More than anyone else is capable of caring
She told him how happy she is to be with him
She told him she could wait forever
She told him he is everything she has
And she's got nothing to lose but him
She told him everything
And it broke her
When he said they are made of ice
They'd never last
He told her "Forget me"
Then he began to walk away
She's drenched in pain again
And there's nothing that could save her
From the misery she's in
If only she could talk to him once more
If only she can be with him for a day or so
If only she could bring back time
She knew she should've lied.
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February 4, 2016 - 12:14 Beautiful!!!!!

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