My love story

by Black Rose
This current disposition
My uncomplicated conviction
Growing more excited with each day
For this is my story that i will relay:

Appeared in-front of my eyes
Very young and wise
Hiding with him a deeper meaning
For he was out and about stealing

Time watched closely and passed us by
And little did i realize his love filled sigh
As days went by his hopes diminished
Until he thought all was finished

Awake one day did i see
That something suddenly changed inside me
Determined i was by heart
That my love story should start

So i happened to cook and bake
Milk tart and chocolate cake
Hoping for a reaction
To explain my current distraction

Until one day, hunger took over my sense
And i bullied him into suspense
From the first few minutes together
Something told me this was forever

Minutes sped fast
And uncertainty crept past
Until an excuse was made
And a table was laid

For after that night things began to change
Hearts, feelings rearranged
We soon found out
What destiny had about

For he balanced my entire being
Had my senses and head reeling
Being my ecstasy in every dream
Only, only thinking of him

Now the clocks have been set in motion
Leaving no room for uncertain emotion
It has finally been decreed
That this is my other half indeed!
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Manahill Naik

Manahill Naik

September 18, 2015 - 20:23 very very impressive :)

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