Left unsaid...

by Susan Jacob
She still remember the day
She first saw him
Wind breezed around gently
She had the feeling she never had
The boy with green eyes
She craved to talk to him
To be his friend...

She loved to steal a look at him
And hastily
twitched her eyes
When his eyes locked fluky at hers
She would feel crushed
Back in mind, she was timid

She felt exotic to simply behold him
To fall for his charisma
Searched vigorously for words
when he talked to her
And later at home,
laughed at herself at her slip

Every morning
She would ween
if he wore the same coloured dress
And when saw him wearing the conflicting colour
She would simply laugh at her blunder
Yes, blunder, but yet she enjoyed it

She was mad to tot up the books
She saw at his read-list
And would read it again and again
What is there so much interesting in this !!
She thought but never gave up
And would drop off to sleep

She wished he would ask her for a help,
but never did he
She wished he would concede her love
By the sixth sense she surmised
But never did he
Not mere sadness but she felt an absence

How much she scribbled about him
in her diary
Tore it out and grinned
And visualized him seeing it
She would laugh at her blunder
Yes, blunder, but yet she enjoyed it

She longed
To hold his hand and amble down the vale
To rest on his shoulder and glance at the sunset
And sometimes to scare him from the back,
run and laugh out loud
And finally to be his one man girl

She dreamed
of the lovely wedding day
Strolling down the aisle
With extreme sense of love and pride
Holding his hand
In the white gown

She dreamed
Of the lovely home by the lakeside
To grow old with him
From love to romance to parenthood
And finally grandparenthood
Yet still with her hands in his...

But in life,
you have to take the turns
you never wanted to
and live the piece of live
you never wished to

Later on years back,
old enough and playing with her grandchildren
An evergreen memory of her first crush
The boy with the green eyes
Who captured her mind
Might bring a smile on her lips...

Certain things are best left unsaid
Certain feelings are best left suppressed
Certain love is best left one-sided
And certain memories, best left buried
Deep deep in the deepest corner of your heart
To cherish all on your own...
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October 11, 2015 - 12:54 THIS IS SO SADORABLE (sad and adorable) I can totally relate :D Great job!!
Susan Jacob

Susan Jacob

October 11, 2015 - 16:34 Haha...Thankyou Dravench girl.. it really means a lot... :) btwn i liked the word "SADORABLE" ..lol


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