Kiss of new life

by rekhanshiraghava
Amit’s thick lips kissed the edge of the glass and after another taste he began to converse with minimal more energy.

“My Grandfather used to make whisky and he likewise used to trim hair beside the barrels. He was a stylist by calling and he needed to trim my hair, something interested him about trimming my hair. I sat in the seat and as he trim my hair, he gave me a glass loaded with something and requesting that I drink. I was all drunk and wanted to throw up soon after I finished that glass, he kept me possessed with his stories about war and love. He generally examines about how the basic man endures amid war time; and that it is so inefficient to go for war.”

While he talked about his family’s eccentricities, he was clearing his spectacles and looked little sad, as if he was missing his family time.

“Did your dad make whisky as well?”

“They all contended with each other on who made the best. They said my dad’s was the best.”

“Did you think your dad’s was the best?”

“No I abhorred it. I thought to purchase a business bottle from a known winery was better.”

My glass was verging on unfilled and Amit requested for additional.

“Are you attempting to get me tipsy?” I asked with eyebrow raised.

“Try not to drink on the off chance that you would prefer not to,” he answered.

“I need to.”

“At that point acknowledge the results.”

“It’s that straightforward huh? We control our fate.” I said with little outrage.

“It’s all in respect to the conditions and circumstances and character of the individual.”

“It’s a timing thing too.” I said.

“What timing are you discussing?” he inquired.

I didn’t see precisely what he implied, and I had no clue how to clarify him this timing variable. So I essentially maintained a strategic distance from any further discussion on this point.

“With all of man’s great formulas and all of his discoveries and all his cures, he hasn’t discovered the love of self.” I said submissively.

“Envision, the normal individual can’t survive without TV and junk and pills.”

“We’re truly moving in reverse.” I was attempting to sound profound and philosophical, yet I’m a sorry consumer and after two glasses of whisky on a void stomach my discourse was slurring a bit. Also, Amit’s lips were looking receptive as well as compelling.

Throughout the years he and I had headed out to numerous areas for business TV shoots. Together we had gone to several gatherings and entertained innumerable customers. He had been the film executive I created for. Our discussions in some cases kept going into the small hours of the morning. In any case, we’d never gone too far into something more than companions and partners. Not even on an excursion to Goa, when I couldn’t take my eyes off Amit’s mid-section and shoulders as he was sun showering on the shoreline.

At the point when the waiter brought our pasta, I took a taste of icy water, thankful for the diversion of food.

Under the gooey noodles was crisp, thick pesto sauce, which Amit gradually collapsed into the pasta. What used to be a white blob turned into a blend of tasty green. Amit was a genuine craftsman, he came back to making his speciality, I’d never seen him blend paint hues, yet I was certain he did it in the same fastidious way. This man did nothing without passion.

I needed to kiss him so seriously. I thought it would pass on the off chance that I bit my lip. Be that as it may, by then my will to oppose had kicked the bucket. I set my lips straightforwardly on his. His mouth opened and we waited that path for a few seconds before I pulled away.

The room was turning. I was turning. I took a swallow of water supposing I’d venture once again into line.

“Is something wrong? You are sweating,” he said.

“No. I think I was dried out. An excess of whisky. I’m not used to drinking.”

I was in a bad position. I realized that we ought to have cleared out. Be that as it may, he tenderly fastened my hand and held it in his. It was warm and delicate. I couldn’t move it. We sat noiselessly ingested in each other’s look. I moved my seat beside his. What a beautiful noticing neck he had. I kissed him once more.

He kissed me back pretty much as tenderly. I reacted with a forceful kiss and he invited it. Before long we were making out like young people, our pasta overlooked. The scent of food at long last reminded us where we were. The servant was cleaning the floor under our feet,it was dim and shady eatery. The lights went ahead and Amit paid the bill.

As we strolled towards exit, we got the opportunity to understand that we have lost the stopping ticket, and we need to pay fine.

“I’ll pay.”

“No I will.”

“Offer it to me.”

“No. It’s not your obligation.”

“Get over it. Miss Macho.”

He wouldn’t have called me Miss Macho before the kiss. Presently he was conversing with me with the commonality of a partner. Not great I thought. In spite of the fact that I could become dependent on his lips, he may utilize it against me. Everything needed to blow over. I’ll say I was smashed and act like it was nothing. We’d about-face to the way we were.

“You are a decent kisser,” he carefully said.

“Definitely, you suspect as much?”

“Shockingly great.”

“Why shockingly great?”

“I thought you’d be a truly unsettled one.”


“Since you are unsettled?”

“No I’m most certainly not.”

“You are not a decent kisser.”

“Fine, nor are you.”

“You are the best kisser I have ever kissed.” He grinned.



He went to hold my hand. I pulled it away.

“Try not to be embraced.” He said.

“Alright you are the best kisser as well.”

“That is on account of they’re your lips.”

“Yeah?”I asked with a smile.

“No doubt.”

We didn’t talk as we headed toward his inn. Mumbai City had never looked so lovely. There was a post-party calm, tranquility, bareness I had never seen. I never knew, kisses make new stories.
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Manahill Naik

Manahill Naik

April 23, 2016 - 18:55 Geeeez this is THE BEST UVE EVER WRITTEN like wow so short so to the point but beautiful af.. nvr stop writing


April 24, 2016 - 16:32 Thank you... You are a real motivation.... Thank you so so much...

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