Jesus, Won't You Help Me Breathe

by davidehrgott
My train of thought must have jumped
the tracks in Hackensack
Now it's a terrible town in which to live
Another chemical company just paid five thousand
dollars [american] to contribute to the further
polluting of this fair city/DEATH TRAP

Five months ago the EPA already declared
the entire New York City area and radius of
fifty miles from Columbus Circle deadly
They basically said that breathing the air
will kill you! So I went out and bought
a mask and argued for two hours with
the police department on why I should
be allowed to wear an air filter but
No they said the merchants would think
I was robbing them and it would
scare shoppers and I said sh*t
People should have a right to
breathe clean air

But they don't


in Hackensack

wrote a song about it

Living here in Hackensack
the Air is killing me
Jesus won't you help me breathe

I had no more of hope left
till [I read] Serenity [prayer]
Jesus won't you help me breathe

It said I shouldn't fret
about the things I cannot change
and to ask for your help-guidance
if there's things that I can change

Don't have the money to move as
far away as I need to be
Jesus won't you help me breathe

If I could move as far as good ol' Why Oh Me
I wouldn't have to pray on broken knees

I'm choking on the air I breathe
Lord Jesus can you please help me
Jesus won't you help me breathe

Socrates took his own life at the age of se'enty
Drinking Hemlock not green tea
Jesus look at me
and I'm not even Fifty-three
Jesus won't you help me breathe
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