How To Rig An Election

by davidehrgott
About a year ago, before the candidates were in the running. The headlines read "Hillary defeats Satan." I , at the time, could not understand this. "How could this be?" I questioned myself. After all, wasn't she the one that handed over the POTUS position to a muslim/socialist? And wasn't she caught with a truckload of articles that belonged to the United States when she moved out of the White House? Yet, some women groups still believe she is the right person to steal the office. (Remember Dickandbush, no one voted for them either. Remember? REMEMBER?) The Presidency is not a position that is voted by the people anymore and hasn't been decided by the public in a long, long time. As a matter of fact, the whole election process is merely a choreographed dance or masterbation if you will.

Now to the matter of topic. How she does it. First she gets a crazy old man who preaches socialism is the answer to be her opponent. Is any one in their right mind going to believe that socialism belongs anywhere on THIS PLANET! Listen friend, if it didn't work for the Russians and the USSR then how in the hell do you think it would work here. Some one PLEASE purchase a one-way ticket to China for Bernie boy or maybe send him to Mars. Maybe it could work there. Okay? She has the Democratic ticket. In like Flint.

Now the other side, the Republicans had so many choices and only one of them had the nads to challenge the SUPER-PACS. (You remember those nice scumbags that pay politicians so much money to destroy the country that they (the politicians) just have to take it. Let's see, there once at the time was about eighteen of them. And not one of them could match the evil wits of Satan. I really believed at one time that he DID have a chance to beat thunder-thighs. Then he did this. First he stated that he was good friends with Hillary and has known her for a very long time. Then, he did the unthinkable. He hired the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man to tag along with him. You remember him. Don't you? The guy who not only single-handedly bankrupted an entire city. But, also gave the State of New Jersey a $384 BILLION deficit. Great choice Donald. Why don't you just meet Hillary in a motel for three days and you can be the next leader in about eight years or so.

The other Republican hopefuls were 1. Pretty Boy (he could get the eighteen year old vote but, that's about all.) 2. Willy-Nilly (just not leadership material.) 3. BUSH? 4. Some guy whose name sounds like a sexual disease. 5. The Penguin, or as he put it Dracula. And other fiends of Hillary.

Sorry Folks,

The fix was in from the get go.
It's in the bag.

Let's just hope that thunder-thighs doesn't squeeze us too hard.

Oh, just one last thing. If we limit terms in the Senate, Congress, and most importantly Supreme Court. Then, and only then will we have an uncorrupted government. You can thank me later.

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