If Only: Chapter 4

by Jack50rko
When I got home my parents wouldn't even let me reach my bedroom before asking questions about how my fancy date went.
"So, How was your evening, son?", said mom with a grin on her face.
"It was okay, I guess".
"Just okay huh? You didn't scare her away did you?", said Dad.
"No, Dad. The ladies dig me, you see. After all, I'm your son", I said with a smile on my face.
"Oh I see. Guess you had just as much fun as we did on our first date. Remember hon?", my dad said while looking at my mother.
Then I silently slipped into my room while they started reminiscing the days of their youth with excruciating details. I wish I was deaf at the time.
I changed into my Dragon ball Z pajamas from my James Bond outfit and made my way to bed. I hardly had a wink of sleep that night. All I could think about was Allison. The time I had spent with her that night kept replaying itself over and over again in my mind. I couldn't stop thinking about how it felt when we were only a few inches away from each other. How I ached for her touch and how she noticed that and teased me about it the entire night. She captured my heart that night.
"So, Jackie, how did your date with the angel go last night?", asked Anna as the teacher scribbled math equations on the board.
"Um it went well and oh by the way-"
I Punched her in the shoulder.
"What was that for, you freak?", she cried out.
"For trying to ruin my brilliant plan, you egg head", I said.
"Hey, it worked out didn't it? You should be thankful that I, Anna Johnson, took time out of my busy schedule of Watching TV series and indulging in anime to help a poor sap like you in finding true love", She said with an english accent.
"Sure. But thanks I guess..For um, looking out for me, Anna"
"Aww Jackie! That's the sweetest thing you've ever said to me. Although I would prefer that you would show your appreciation for my kind gesture by kissing my feet but I guess this works too", Anna giggled.
I Sighed as my gaze instinctly turned to where Allison was sitting. She imediately spotted me and started pointing towards the board where the teacher was explaining the quadratic formula.
"STUDY", she mouthed.
But Some strange phenomenon occured at that moment. Instead of doing as I was told by the angel in the class, I rebelled.
"No", I mouthed as I focused all of my attention towards her. When she saw this strange phenomenon occur she smiled and diverted her eyes in nervousness.
I made her feel shy? Me? By God this is a miracle of the lord, I thought.
Such a thing almost never if ever rarely occured. I was never good at making eye contact let alone stare directly into someone's eyes.
We would quite often exchange silent and inaudible messages in class. Whenever I'd see her I'd want to stare and no matter how much I stared at the beauty of nature that she was, I could never get enough. I'm afraid of water and by connection I'm afraid of drowning. To me, drowning is the worst way to die. But I don't mind drowning in Allisons blue pearly eyes. It's like on the outside they are nothing but a river- Small and calm, but on the inside they are a sea. A rampaging ocean of feelings and thoughts.
When I'd ignore all her-Look at the board and pay attention in class- gestures and stare right at her like I'm trying to hit her with my laser beams, she'd smile and giggle. Her smile would lift me beyond cloud 9 and place me right next to the heavens. Everything about her was intoxicating.
"Hey, I've never met your parents, Jack" Allison asks at lunch.
"No you haven't, Allison", Says I.
"Well, I want to, Jack", Says she.
"You don't have to, Allison", Replied I.
"It's not that I have to, I just really want to", Sayth she.
"But I don't want you to want to, Allison", sayth me.
This goes on for like, three days.
I finally give in and decide to let her meet my parents.
MY PARENTS. The kind of Parents that freaked out the first time I went on a date. The kind that give you the-Good going son, I'm proud of you-look when you download a movie for them on the computer, like you've just invented the internet. Those kind of Parents. And she's going to meet them. Won't this be an interesting evening.
"Honey, could you check the meat loaf again? I'm preparing the salad. Jack, come help your mom with this salad"
"Honey, you know I love you, but you get really bossy when guests are coming over. You did the same thing when I had my boss coming over last month", said my dad.
Bad Move, Dadio. Bad Move.
"Aw, I love you too hon-oh and by the way, you should probably order something because you won't be having dinner with us. Hopefully, the people at Mcdonalds aren't too bossy for you", Says My mother with the authoritative tone that would make a convict pee in his pajamas. If they allow convicts to wear pajamas in prison.
The Door bell rings. My Mom Jumps out of the kitchen, almost hitting the sofa in the living room.
"Let me get it, Honey"
"Hold your position soldier, I've got this", I say.
I open the door. It's Allison. And she's beautiful. It's not like its the first time I'm seeing her -but there's something different about her. She's actually formally-dressed.
She's wearing a red dress with a nice necklace. Her hair in an intricately-made bun. The street lamp infront of our front yard shines streaks of orange on her hair which only adds to her dark-brownish blend of colors. She has light- red lipstick on and just the right amount of make up. And she's wearing her ring, which now flashes pruple in the street light instead of blue.
"Aren't you going to invite me to your rad crib, homie", she says in a gangsta tone.
Think of a good way to respond to her brilliant efforts of trying to be a gangsta. Say something equally gangsta but not too-I'ma murder your children after I rob your house- gangsta.
"Uh, come in", I blurt out.
"Gotcha, dog", she says and walks inside.
I follow her to the living room where my parents are eagerly waiting for her like a couple of hungry vultures that are preparing for a grand feast after suffering from starvation for months. Only difference is, they don't hunger for food. They hunger for information. Information that could help in deciding whether or not she's worthy of their socially awkward and Introverted Son. But I almost believe I'm not worthy of her.
"You must be Allison, nice to meet you sweetie.I'm Jane- Jack's mom and this is david, his father", Says my mom without even allowing my dad to speak.
"It's wonderful to have you with us today, Allison", dad finally manages to break through the wall that is my loving mother.
"It's nice of you to invite me to dinner. You have a wonderful home, Jane. I love it",says Allison as if trying to kiss up to her.
Which sort of works, I guess.
"It's nice of you to say that, Allison. Here, let me give you a brief tour of the house", says mom as she takes away Allison.
When mom is done boasting about her pot collection and how she loves pottery, we all sit down in the living room while mom brings out lemonade and some chips.
"You wouldn't mind if we ask you a few questions would you Allison dear?", says my mom. And by 'We' she, ofcourse, means herself.
God NO. It's happening. I swear if these questions get too personal I'm going to grab Allison and throw her out of the house through the window. Though that might hurt her but I think the questions she would have to answer are more painful than shards of glass piercing your buttocks. Not that its happened to me before.
"Ofcourse not, Jane", says a very naive Allison.
My mom smiles. It's the kind of smile the devil would have on his face if you just accidentally sold him your soul.
"Where you from?"
"Ohio", Answeres Allison.
"Who do you live with", Asks Mom as my dad glances at my mom with a look of discomfort. She glances back at him in a-let me do the talking, you just sit there and shut up-way.
My Mother asks alot of questions. And by alot I mean its like she's the prosecutor in a murder case and Allison's in the box.
"What connection did you have with the killer?"
"I only knew him because he lived across the street"
"So you didn't have late night calls with this mass-murderer then?"
"He called me, I didn't do anything I swear"
"Yeah we haven't heard that one before"
Finally the barrage of questions ended with one last question.
"Do you like my son, Allison", asked my mom.
"I do, he's adorable", She answered while giggling.
"well then, by the power invested in me for giving birth to such an Adorable kid, I now pronounce you eligible to be dating my adorable son", said mom.
You really know how to put on a show mom.
"Anyways, dinner will be served in half an hour. Jack dear, why don't you show Allison your room", says mom.
"Sure, mom"
Nothing can be more embarrassing than the sherlock holmes act my mom just pulled
I'm walking her up to my bedroom and Allison suddenly holds my hand. I feel nervous but I don't let go. Part of me thinks if I let go she'll think I'm a wuss. Which I'm not. Not a complete wuss, at least. But Part of me believes if I let go she might dissapear.
"Be brave, Jackie. This is how the big kids do it", I hear Anna in the back of my head. Get the hell outta here ANNAA!
I'm actually walking her to my room. My bed-room. Where I sleep. Where my bed is located.
Then it hits me like a basketball in a dodge ball game.
Where my enormously large bookshelf and book collection is located. Where my anime figurines and bobble heads are. Where my walls have posters of male anime characters with big muscles.
As I'm shuffling through these terrifying thoughts Allison tightens her grip around my hand. Her fingers interlaced with mine sends bolts of electricity down my nervous system.
She looks at me and then smiles. And It all just slowly fades away as I drown in her blue pearly eyes.
God she's killing me with those eyes!
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Manahill Naik

Manahill Naik

May 9, 2017 - 14:21 Dammit. It just keeps on getting better and better and so freaking humorousss. Had a good laugh at this one. Want more. Xx


May 27, 2017 - 14:17 I'll try to find time to write some more :) Thanks for being my only audience xD
Manahill Naik

Manahill Naik

May 27, 2017 - 23:47 Ure just under rated dw. Ur story is great. Im pretty under rated too *wink*

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