I want you back.....

by rekhanshiraghava
Sitting by the flowing river,
Looking at my refection,
I think, what might have happened?
What caused this disaffection?

We were together, looked like forever,
I believed, we are made for each other,
What came between love?
What did we fall short of?

You are not alone, I am not fine,
Holding hands, that are not mine,
Where am I? Why not me?
All this, so hard to see.

You are still smiling,
You are still happy,
Someone has taken my place,
My life is incomplete, with an empty space.

Seeing you after such a long time,
My heart sighs again,
Something inside me shouts,
I can feel the agony, I can feel the pain.

All these years, were hard on me,
My life has become, an autumn tree,
My seasons never appeared to change,
My dreams, my life, are just so strange.

There you stood holding her hands,
How things just disappeared from past, I don’t understand,
I want you back, I really do…..
Hold your hand, and just be with you….
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Liked it alot?


November 14, 2015 - 15:28 It almost made me cry.
I think this is what you really feel


November 14, 2015 - 15:38 Yes... Very true... This is what I feel....

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