Getting to Know Duterte

by Lorenzo A. Fernandez Jr.

Duterte is his name.
I never heard of him
before, but now
he’s famous in every
corner of the world.
It’s all because of his
tongue that spits fire
at everyone.
Other people say he
should act like what
other presidents
do. Like they don’t
thrash-talk, nor curse,
nor threaten to kill
those who don’t
share their views.
They don’t hate US,
China, or Russia and other
big-time boys—all  in the
name of playing it
safe, you know.

But this man, raising heaven
or hell, runs in the opposite
gutter. He hates US but
still military support
persists . . . .
He’s all kisses for China
but drugs and dung keep pouring
in . . . ah!
He hates drugs and while
saying this, addicts or
suspected ones fall
one by one in the
wee hours of the morning
or in the dead of night.
But I wonder why big-time
druglords don’t fall.
Other issues crop up but
I’m getting bored. I’m
getting to know him . ..


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M.D Khamil

M.D Khamil

September 19, 2017 - 14:41 But he's your president right? I think nobody wants to commit crime after this, seeing what he had done to those who disobey. Which is a good thing.

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