Forever Best Friends

by kimee28
Patricia and Amanda are friends since they are in Grade School.
They are so much close to each other, just like they are sisterly attach to each other till 4th year

At break time, all together, they eat their meal and sharing their food together.

While eating, Patricia smilingly noticed Amanda’s meal and said:
Friend……… your too obsess with the hotdogs. After ham, chicken flavor and now……… cheese? Funny

Amanda stopped eating and unhappily confront her best friend slowly and said.

“Not funny “

Patricia become conscious on Amanda’s reaction

“I am sorry I’m just kidding. I know that it is your Mom’s business but actually it taste good. “

“I know “Amanda said

“Ok…… Uhm so what time is it?” ask Patricia

“Its 12:45 AM why?”

“Owh We have to eat faster or else we will be late in the meeting… “ said Patricia uninterruptedly engulfing her food”
“Why you’re so in hurry? The meeting will start off after our class” Amanda makes clear to Patricia that seems uninformed.
“Owh I forgot haha….. I’m sorry”

“You’re too excited to hear about the Prom. But we don’t know if that would happen” said Amanda

“Possibly yes, because it wasn’t happen last year. So I’m sure it will happen and will be announce in the meeting “ said Patricia

The bell ring. Amanda and Patricia stood up and before they leave, Amanda whispered to Patricia

“Don’t forget to pray. Good luck for the meeting. “

All class in the afternoon are short handled because of the meeting. Not only Patricia is excited in the announcement but also some of 3rd year and 4th year who has in relationship.

And this is it. The moment they’ve all waiting for.

The students gather in School Hall talking and talking up until makes the hall earsplitting.

Then finally the Principal go into the stage and started to speak

“Good Afternoon Student “

“Good Afternoon Mrs. Delgado”

Suddenly Patricia hold Amanda’s right hand
“This is it, this is it “
Amanda sighed

“I called a meeting just to remind you about our main concern. Our comfort room certainly we all know is out of order. And so, we ask Mang Ador (School Janitor) to use his comfort room in their house temporarily. But please I am begging you don’t leave the CR dirty………. make it clean. I know it’s embarrassing but just be patient and endure.
And another announcement my dear students, I know that all of you were anxious to have a Prom night. But due to short of budget, I’m afraid that we will need to cancel it. We need to cancel the activity… I’ am sorry

The students react excessively and Patricia obviously became disappointed.

Patricia and Amanda are walking home. Amanda observed Patricia’s sadness. She doesn’t know what to say until she decided to speak.
“Patty its ok, enough of thinking that’s too much. It will make you stress. We can’t blame them besides it’s for our own or school benefit. I know how you’re infatuated with Philip that’s why you wish for a Prom but please stop it “

“Why? Because I ‘am not worthy to Philip? I don’t deserve him because he is handsome, famous? Unlike me……… I ‘am stupid and I’ am in the lower section? or because I’m not beautiful like Leslie? Irritably said Patricia.

“Yes…….. All that you’ve said are true “mutedly said Amanda

“How dare you…….. I ‘am your friend but you can’t get something done to support me? “

Amanda sighs

“How about the love letters I wrote? Maybe, you didn’t give all the letters to Philip? Isn’t it? “added Patricia.

Amanda remembered the time when she was asked to give all the letters to Philip. That happened when they were in 3rd year. Amanda and Philip are classmates while Patricia that time is in the last section.

Amanda knows Philip’s house and cautiously deliver it into their house. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!!

Tomorrow morning before the class start Amanda entered into the room and takes a sit on the back. She heard the conversation of Philip and his company they laughing about what Philip had narrate to them.

“I can’t believe you have a stalker… and what’s the name again? “ asked Mark

“Lovely Me….”

“Huh….That’s funny “

“Well I don’t know…….. my Mother just gave it to me, said she found it into our gate. It’s a box full of letters”

“So where is it?”

“After I read the letters I throw away and burn them immediately”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh how unfortunate “

“Do you have any idea who is stalking over you? You want to find out?

“No…no….no it doesn’t matter. In fact I’ am not interested and I don’t want to waste my time to that stalker.
And you know what guys…… I can feel that Leslie will finally say yes to me. “

“Woooooh that’s nice “

Before the Christmas break Philip finally found out the owner of the letters. Philip and his company create a plan. Philip gave a handkerchief to Patricia. And that makes Patricia so fell in love with Philip.

(Back to the present time)
Patricia is still waiting for Amanda’s response.

“Amy? Answer me; did you really give it to Philip? “furiously said Patricia
“No” Amanda said unhappy

“Huh?” –Amanda was taken aback

“After I read the letters I throw away and burn them immediately” –Patricia said.


“Ah-ah-ah-ah Uhm I’m sorry “ -Patricia

Amanda started to get off but…… Patricia stops her

Patricia looks disappointed “Wait were not yet finish. I want you to explain “.

Amanda confronts Patricia and she decided to tell the truth

“Honestly he doesn’t like you. He’s in love with somebody more beautiful and smart. Obviously much better than you. I ‘am not insulting you not to feel your imperfect but to be motivated to study harder for your family.”

No matter what the explanation is. Patricia is still unconvinced and said: “Then how can you explain the handkerchief that he gave to me? “

Amanda is still trying to defend the truth: “He is not sincere. He’s just fooling you around”

Patricia laugh inwardly
“Ok I got it…….I got it…… I finally understand…….. You also want Philip?”

“What?” – said Amanda awfully

Patricia breathes deeply and said: “But whatever you say…… Philip is nice and I see that” she walks out and
leave her friend Amanda with tears in her eyes.

In the School, Patricia decided to avoid Amanda. They are not together in their lunch break, not even going to school together. But Amanda is humble and really desire peace between her and Patricia. While Patricia make herself neat and tidy trying in the same way as Leslie. Go to school with a full make up so that Philip would notice her and also give gifts.

Mark, JM, Don and Nato (Philip camaraderies) set eyes on Patricia’s appearance. They are laughing really looks like crazy until……….

“Uhm sorry to interrupt you but may I know where is Philip? I brought something to him “ –Patricia

Mark noticed Patricia seizing a box “Is that a gift for Philip? “


Mark weigh up and started to tell untruth stories: “Actually he is very thankful to all your efforts”

Because of positive response Patricia suddenly became happy “Really?” she said cheerfully

“Actually he appreciates your gifts; that’s why he wants to have lunch with you.” added Mark

Patricia feels delight: “Is that true? uhm where will I find him? “

“I’m not sure where he is but, maybe he is at the canteen………” –Mark

“Ok I’ll make it faster….. again thank you…… thank you…………” gladly said Patricia then run hurriedly.
As Patricia departed the liars laugh so hard

Patricia arrived and waited for an half hour but no Philip appear. Until the time turn into 12:30 so she decided to search for Philip.

…..into the basketball court

……School Hall


.Until Patricia saw Leslie going into the tall grass so she certainly follow her unnoticeably.
She witnessed the sweetness of Philip and Leslie until Philip surprisingly kiss her girlfriend.
Patricia leave and drop the gift feels very astonished and devastated.

Patricia walks into the hallway and will come across with Amanda. Still she’s mad but Amanda can’t do anything with it. Nevertheless, she notices that Patricia is really upset and discern that there’s something happened

“Patricia” called Amanda

But when she looked back…… She saw Patricia fainted and afterwards collapsed.

School Clinic.

Patricia’s mom arrives and thanks Amanda for helping Patricia.

“You’re welcome Tita but I have to go now….. I still have classes “

Patricia wake up and Mom decided to take her home so she could rest properly.

But the School Nurse said:

Are you Ok now? (Patty nod)
You should be thankful to Amanda. She’s carrying you always whenever your epilepsy strikes down.
Without her maybe your head will be in danger.

They went home but Patricia must rest so Mom helps Patricia to come into her room:

“Patty, can you please invite Amanda here to eat with us. If she have time. I’m so thankful that you have her. Others would surely laugh during your seizure but Amanda is really good-natured. Second year that was the start of your seizure and she’d been assisting you until now. I never ask her but she willingly does because I see you are really important to her. You have to treasure your kindheartedly friend. “

Saturday Morning.
Amanda is busy hanging clothes. Until she notice Patricia is standing at the gateway (made of Bamboo)

“Hi” mutedly said Patricia

“Hello” said Amanda

“Uhm, I just want to say that Mom wants you to have dinner in our house” said Patricia

“Really? How about you? Do you like me to go there too?” asked Amanda

“Of course you are my very best friend” Patricia sob and hug Amanda .
I’m so sorry…. Please forgive me. I’ am just you know “added Patricia

“It’s ok I understand…..” said Amanda with tears.

And so it was their friendship remains strong despite the challenges happen to them. They value more their friendship. Became more open to each other. On what happen to Patricia is an eye opener to her so she come to be definite and determined to work/study hard with the help of her best friend Amanda.


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July 27, 2015 - 10:48 Really interesting. Keep it up :D


July 27, 2015 - 10:48 thank you thank you
Manahill Naik

Manahill Naik

July 27, 2015 - 11:02 i really liked the idea and it delivers a nice message though you can still improve your grammar and writing style in some parts.. job well done?? btw are you new here? best of luck anyway :)


July 27, 2015 - 12:38 yes i am new here. And that is my original story. I made it with my own sweat hahaha. And thank you for the comment.
Manahill Naik

Manahill Naik

July 27, 2015 - 13:29 hahah of course.. the owner here won't let you copy stuff xD good luck :)


July 31, 2015 - 07:47 Thank you so much for the upvote on "Out of life" :D


August 1, 2015 - 05:11 you're welcome

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