I love Him.... He Loves Her

by kimee28
"I'm hungry" said Cindy while waiting in the job interview
"Here take this biscuit"
"Hi Arnold " said Cindy

Later on Cindy was called for the interview .Then after 15 minutes is Arnold's turn.

Few minutes later
"It's ok Arnold. Don't be discouraged. Just be patient"
Arnold smiled a little and said “Thank you" then he embraced Cindy and kissed her forehead.

Cindy felt the depression of Arnold upon his face so she extends her time to comfort Arnold.

Arnold shared his frustrations to Cindy
"I ‘am really a useless person. I tried many times but so hard to be qualified. Maybe my mother
is right. I will never be a teacher. "
"Will you please stop...you're being inhospitable. If you really have a desire you must
do whatever it takes. Just don't give up."
After Cindy gave advice to Arnold she looks down into her watch and shock:
"Oh my gosh.... I'm late. I ‘am sorry but”
"Why?" asked Arnold
"I really must go bye" said Cindy with a rush and kissed Arnold
"?"- Arnold

Cindy is really in hurry. After a few minutes. She got home but was disappointed after turning
on the TV.
"Ugh...it's done" :-(

After 2 hours
Cindy is having a Skype video conversation with her sister in Canada.
" Is there a problem?" asked her sister.
"Nothing I was just sad. I haven't saw the last episode of my favorite show-
usually I watch every morning. "
"I see. Don't worry . You can still watch it in YouTube. By the way, how's your
application?" asked her sister.
"It's ok. I will start at the beginning of the class and that will be next week. "
" Then that's good. How about your licensure examination? "
" Well the result will be post in the Teacher's Website next week . Hope I pass."
"Sure you can. I know how you put yourself into it. By the way, aren’t you going to
tell me anything about your first boyfriend?"
"Hold on sis. Don't be too excited. You will know him soon. "
''Are you sure about that man you had just acquainted last week?"
"Even though we’ve known each other just for a short period of time I can say he's nice."

After their conversation, Cindy decided to sleep.

Few days later
Today is her first day to be a teacher. She will handle the Grade 2 students as a Science
and Math teacher. She completed the day teaching her class in exhausting but in enjoyable way.
Then she saw Arnold waiting outside the school.

"It seems you enjoy your first day at school?" asked Arnold
"Not really, most students are noisy but glad I'd manage them well. How about you what
makes you busy now?" Cindy replied
"I applied as an online English Tutor"
"Not bad still related in teaching huh''

Arnold for the first time escorted Cindy to their home. But he observed something
"Are you alone? Where are your parents?"
Cindy’s parents both died in a car accident.
Arnold felt sorry so he changed the topic. He found out everything about Cindy's
background... But most importantly he discovered that Cindy has a sister that lives in
Canada and her name is Alex.
But Cindy noticed the weird reaction of Arnold after telling the name of her sister.
"Is there something wrong? asked Cindy
"Nothing I just remember something." Arnold replied
Cindy showed the picture of Alex to Arnold "This is my sister Alex. "

After a few conversations Arnold went home. He never stops thinking about what
he had just discovered.
"So Cindy and Alex are sisters ....that's nice" >:-)

The next day, Arnold fetch Cindy after her work then he gave a rose to Cindy.
"Thank you. Oh before I forgot. Will you please help me prepare? Just a simple meal
will do. " Cindy said.
"For what? Is it for your birthday?" asked Arnold
"No, my sister will come. We are going to celebrate because I passed the exam.
You know what, I haven't send picture of yours nor give any description. I just want her to
see you in personal for a first time. I'm sure she will be surprise because my first boyfriend
is really handsome." Cindy said.

Arnold is really excited about the comeback of Alex. Even though she only come here for a visit and not
will stay long,he believe must not miss the chance to see Alex again. Arnold is still in love with Alex
and can't move on since they're breakup. He tried to love again but seems can't forget Alex.
So he planned to stay pretending in love with Cindy just to see and be with Alex again.

Cindy embraced Alex. “I have something to show you. You wait there. "
"Do you really have to hide him in your room?"

When Alex saw the boyfriend of Cindy she was really surprise..

Unfortunately, Cindy asks Arnold a favor to accompany Alex while she's gone because
they will have an urgent meeting at school and really needs her presence. Few minutes ago,
to avoid the awkwardness she kept herself busy checking emails. Until Arnold offer him a
coffee but she refuse the offer. Perhaps she said seriously: "I want you to leave my sister"

Arnold answered: "Yes I really have a plan to leave her”
Alex asked: “What do you mean? “
“I want to come back to you” Arnold added.

Alex discerns that he will do something bad. So she rush into the kitchen ,get a knife
and run fast into her room. But Arnold quickly grab Alex and unfortunately dropped
the knife and Arnold started to lay over Alex holding her tight for not to escape. Alex is trying
to get the knife near to her fingertips and when she reaches the knife ........she killed Arnold

Cindy is going to grab a taxi. Until she received a call from the police station.
"Is this Cindy Merill? Please come here immediately your sister Alex is here''
"Why? What happen?"

At the police station, Cindy saw Alex. Looks scared and have dried blood
in her hands as well as in some part of her clothes. Then she embraced and comfort Alex.

Cindy knew what Arnold had done to Alex.
Alex is under the recovery of trauma. As hours go by, Cindy discovered the truths about Alex
and Arnold. Even though the truth brought a little pain to her, she never gets angry perhaps she
supported her sister in every court trial. Later on declared not guilty because she only
do it for her own defense.

Years passed, Cindy became a successful teacher also found the great love of her life.
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Manoj Barman

Manoj Barman

March 17, 2016 - 13:49 inspirational..... nicely written :)


March 18, 2016 - 04:08 thank you......thank you

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