Washington Day

by kimee28
Another day has come
I woke up early just to prepare our 3 heavy baskets loaded of many dirty clothes.
Of course I eat breakfast first to get energy and be ready for the exhausting work.
Suddenly, an unexpected brownout happen.

“How can we borrow the washing machine to Ricardo? .............:-( “said Papa.

Anyway, Saturday is laundry day. And we usually rent a washing machine from my father’s friend.
At this point, we have no choice but to wash our clothes manually. But we are assigned into different task to speed up the work. I will be in washing the clothes, Papa will carry water. Mama is in rinsing process and Raymond –my young brother will be in charge of hanging clothes in the line

I pause for a minute to drink water then I saw my brother smiling, looking at his phone during hanging clothes. I noticed that he consumed lot time of texting while doing the task that’s why many clothes are waiting.

I asked “Hey what is that? “
“Uhm just an important message from Lily” -Raymond answered.
“Owh really, how do you say it’s important? “ I asked again
“Really important…… you know that “Raymond insists

“Is she your girlfriend already? “

“Uhm no…. not yet, but I believe sooner or later that would happen “

“Ok……… but while waiting, do your work first and focus so we could finish it very quick. Uhm maybe you set aside texting and tell her what are you doing right now definitely she would understand ok? “

“Yes “

And so it was Raymond learned a lesson and continue his work. Mama prepared a delicious dinner and a softdrinks due to their hardwork. As they join their forces and help one another the job was done quickly and successfully.

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