Dolorous Damsel

by Hanna Grace
                     I am just a damsel with a dunce heart;
                    Exploited for being a mania to a bat  shit.
                        I don't know why he did this,
                    Am I that hideous to be frisked?

                    I don’t know why I loved him more;
                      Even if he mortified me furthermore.
                                Stupidity is not a sports,
                        But why do I have to be vigorous?

                              A bucket of tears that drip,
                          But still he is not there to wipe
                          Nor embrace me with his wide arms.
                          I can’t imagine myself looking like an ass!!

                                   I found myself a philophobic,
                                 Do I need to be more pathetic?
                               You don’t deserve to me, verily
                        I don’t know what potion you gave to me.

                       Yes, I am damsel who have a deep affection.
                      To a philanderer sea dog who can’t see my emotion.
                           Hoping you were satisfied what you made,
                            Because I am thankful what you did.

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