Chapter 1- Wallpaper

by bestdianneever

Karen woke up by the sound of her alarm. Her eyes opened and the rays of the morning sun greeted her. She unlocked her phone and check what time it is and smiled upon seeing the wallpaper she set last night. It was a picture of her classmate and seatmate who unluckily never talked to her even just once.
Karen never knew the reason why. The first time she saw him he just rolled his eyes and turn his back. Karen should have stuck her tongue out if she weren't crazy enough to fall head over heels with Tristan Coolidge. Yup, he is the guy Karen is crushing for over a year now.
While Karen is an angel, Tristan is the total opposite. He is the world's most famous ass who dated every single girl in Wellington High except for Karen.
His reason why? Nobody knows. Karen has it all—beauty, grace, intelligence, money—you name it. Whatever Tristan's reason might be is already a question to everyone.
Karen successfully hid her feelings for the guy. She doesn’t want anyone to know about it. Why would she tell when almost every girl in their school is drooling over him? There's just no way!
When she arrived at the campus, everyone turned to see who Tristan is with early in the morning. This wasn't the first time. Karen is used to it. Everyone is used to it, anyway. Every day is a different girl for Tristan but no matter how much Karen tried her best to ignore or hate him, she just can't.
That day, when they were dismissed with their first subject, she decided to go to the parking lot and went in her car. Her friends have their own things to do, anyway so it's better if she go to the mall alone to buy something for her projects.
However, she froze when she saw Tristan. Worst, he is not alone.
At first Karen thought he is going in the car but she was wrong. Tristan stopped in front of Karen's car so she could not start it. Her body went rigid.
She could not clearly hear whatever they are talking about but she is certain that the girl started yelling. 'What the heck are they talking about?' She thought. The girl tried to hold or squeeze Tristan's hand but he avoided her hand and shook his head. It is obvious that the girl is fuming mad. She can feel it even though she is just watching. Then with a lot of energy, the girl slapped Tristan right on his face. Then the girl left!
What should I do?' Karen thought for a moment and then she decided to step out the car.
"Are you okay?" she asked. Tristan just looked at her from head to toe. For a second, she doubted if she should come near.
"Do I look like I'm okay?" he replied with a hurt tone in his voice. Karen shook her head and stepped closer. She rolled her eyes and handed him a handkerchief.
"Take this," she offered and extended her hand. "Don't worry, it's new. You'll be the first one to use it." She assured him but still, he is not taking the handkerchief. Karen is still a meter away.
"Why are you here?" he asked, instead. "Eavesdropping?"
"Of course not!" She argued, feeling her cheeks flush.
"I did not mean to pry. I was supposed to be going somewhere else." She defended herself from Tristan's cold stare. "What? You're just going to stare at me? Go get this handkerchief already!" She stomped her feet and grabbed Tristan's right hand for him to get the handkerchief. But when she let go, she can't. Tristan is now grinning like an idiot because he is the one holding Karen's hand.
"Know what? You're interesting." He came closer. Karen stopped breathing.
"Wh-at do you think you're doing? Let me go!" She screamed protesting but no one else is there but the two of them. Tristan chuckled.
"Have you ever dated someone?"
"Of course! I'm not a loser. Duh" She tried to ignore the fact the he is just inches away from him and he is getting closer and closer and closer. Again, she heard him laugh. Does this guy has a bipolar disorder? A while ago, he is about to cry. Now, he is laughing like a madman.
"What about we date each other, hmm?"
Karen's eyes almost popped out from their exact place. Sure, she likes Tristan. But she likes the Tristan who never speaks to her. This one in front of her is another Tristan.
She forced herself to laugh as if she heard the funniest joke in history.
"You must be crazy. I don't like dating guys who date everyone."
"Ouch. Don't insult me. I only date a few people. Consider yourself lucky to be one of the few." Karen thought about the reasons why she even liked him in the first place. She liked him because she didn't know he was like this. She didn't know he is this arrogant!
"No thanks!"
"Give me your phone." He demanded. Confusion is written all over Karen's forehead.
"Why would I do that?"
"Because you have to," then he snatched the phone from her pocket. Just when he opened it, his face transformed from being shock to confusion and then he smirked.
"You never told me," he said, smirking.
Karen was confused what he is talking at first but then he shoved the screen on her face and she wanted to die. Who wouldn't? It was Tristan's picture on her phone wallpaper.
She could not say a thing. Tristan, on the other hand, started dialing something. After a couple of minutes, he handed Karen her phone back and patted her back.
"Call you later, babe." He said laughing like the complete asshole he is.
What the heck did just happen?

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