Bless My Twigs

by LUIS K.

Jaba Love the bite of "Bhachu"

Leaves the colour of crimson

Your chariots zooming past

Hearts so desire your embrace

Calmy I now chew worlds emerge

Anthaas is when mind envisions

You are sacred very sacred..

Enemies who demonized  you

Now revere appreciating you

Tributes see rolling in KING

They cross the ravines of Tana

Since teenage ME adoring you

The glory of SIER

Basking under the SUN

Swayed by the MOUNTAIN breeze

Lustfull delinquents staring at YOU

Your sentry the seraphi GUARD

Seven sons of the LIGHT

Striking the thieving wolves

Forbidden from using you VEVE

Show me your FRUITS..

Let me IMMORTALITY embrace

Now in REBELLION, i embrace you

Let them call us goats 

We are higher than Atlantis

Nivarnas beacons in realtime

An electric current uniting

All currents byword Karama

Indeed your word CIIRA is law

Flowing beautiful meandering

MAARANJA is where I will build

My throne straddling the gate

City of gods and immortals

WABA you waters a people blessed

Am but SWORN to protect 

A people a tree a vine - ADOOR

JOY does eventually come..

In deeming witness to the STAR

Your sandal straps am not worth..

To untie yet they now yield to your will

The CALL unto repentance

I will call you ELI for you are chosen

Will you my redeemer try my farm

My vine and fruits the best in the land

Not just food but it is soul food

For the JUST ones THE UP-RITE

They were but slain... SHAHADHA

Upon the second heaven am planted

The eastern bypass I see you are open

Its time to gain entry..

For the elect to go home

It's your RULE we desire


Your word is LAW

Millennia in your presence

The govt from above..

Secrets abound regimes fall

Yeshua You are worthy

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Teddy Kimathi

Teddy Kimathi

March 10, 2020 - 10:51 A great homage to Meru's green gold. Love it bro!


January 28, 2022 - 04:02 Thanks Teddy, #Jaba Love

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