At Walden with Bob cut _part-2

by gouri
I got in to office in time with a disappointment including bit of happiness,bit of achivness. Every smile in the office reminded me vishesta ,every slide in ppt recollected me bustop scene and finally the day ended with in no time by reminding her repeatedly.

While returning to the room I stood at morning stop expecting her and looking at every face every vehicle passed by me. Knowing that I will be disappointed but this experience encouraged me bit more.

Next day : the strike called off with little bit petrol managed to reached the bunk,filled the petrol and started to the office. suddenly I stopped at the bus stop b'coz it's on the way to office. The fresh morning breeze reminding me the previous day. again I started my bike thinking that how coincidence was yesterday. Then I took u turn and stoped my bike aside expecting her at the bus stop again.though it's too much it's a human physiology too..I said my self. But it disappointed expectingly as it getting late to office I left from their.

The day passed with bit of uncomfortableness.

Another day passed....3 days passed...finally it's a week.

The next week early morning again I started to my office this time no expectations,no happiness,no waiting at the stop. Decided to move on ..stoped at the signals,though the bus stop is right side to me I avoided. Mean while a beggar came begging to me.signal showing 37 sec To green light. then I started my bike,beggar pleaded me again standing right side of my back seat this time.I decided to give some change I kept my hand in my pocket and took out my hand to give some change to the beggar as I turned around I heard a horn on other side of the rod .all of a sudden my face glowed like million lamps,heart beat increased it was her it's vishesta in that anxiety with in that short time I noticed that it is a hundai Verna, red colour, Ap 15 G 321. Number car, side mirror downed. This time Its her right profile,curly hair the big circle ear ring,chewing gum bouble blowing out her pink lips

She is Driving the car! Suddenly I heard horn from my behind. Bringing all my attention back I looked at signal,more 5 sec left for green lights. I took a 100rs note from my pocket I called him back and dropped into his plate green lights are On, horns are blowing from behind. Beggar looked at me with a hawked expression and I started my bike and left from their and beggar might be thinking that I am gone mad.

I felt like recharged. The entire day I chanted her car number Ap 15 G 321... Recollecting her. While returning to Room I started scanning all the red cars on the roads to check the car numbers. Without my knowledge searching all cars by maintaining bike speed at 20 which I realised when a Luna passed by me. But I couldn't find her car.

Next day : as Usual I started to the office. on the way I started checking number plate of all red cars again. That much madly I want to meet her ..and started thinking about how to reintroduce my self etc..if I meet her again. Days passed weeks passed I could see many red Verna cars in the city but I couldn't find vishesta's car.

It's been more than a month since first time we met... Getting disappointed day by day but no use.

Once I tough to visit her music academy directly so that I can get a chance to meet her. As soon as I got the idea I implemented. Finally I entered into her music academy. I could see a reception, hi i am fhalguna introduced myself in reception. How can I help you sir ?asked receptionist with his base voice. My brother wants join in guitar course I want every details I said . though I am speaking to receptionist my eyes started searching for vishesta in every corner but I couldn't see any one except the music instruments sound which is pumping out of classes. Just a minute sir.

Said receptionist. By the time a person holding bundles of magazine type of books entered in to reception. 2013 batch lingayasamy music academy. Appeared on cover page they are looking like a reminiscences I picked one with his permission which he placed them on the table. I could see the group photos of every individual instrument. With all the excitement I opened the violin students group photo. I can see their only vishesta rest of the group appeard blure. The same smile,same dimples..they are recently passed out students sir a shocking stament strucked in to my ears from receptionist.Immediately asked him that they are not coming now? No sir 2 weeks back was their last working day he said. And this includes all details about guitar class sir.he gave me a printed paper I took that and returned without thanking him. After coming out I looked at the sky gave a circustic smile saying " god you are the game changer".

though I disappointed while returning again I did not forget to check red cars and it's number plate. Suddenly from a far distance I could see a red Verna and the number plate last number with 1. I increased my speed. As closer I am going to the car I could see the next number on the plate b'coz of a auto behind the car. Then I saw 321 that too red Verna I increased my bike speed more and I almost got close now I could see complete number plate It's Ap 23 BR 321. I decided to bump into the car b'coz it's not AP 15 G 321 . I felt like bad luck teasing me,scolded myself for a while.

Like this months passed I almost decided to move on. I am totally exhausted searching her in shopping malls,multiplexes,music concerts,every possible place but I couldn't find her.

B'coz of this search for vishesta like a colombus for a new place. I totally ignored myself and finally fell sick

I couldn't even ride my bike so took a auto went to hospital their I dnt even felt the pain of injections given By nurses but I experienced pain while paying bill for the number tests,kgs of medicines which resulted in search of vishesta.

While returning back to room from hospital their is a hanuman temple on the way and that day they inaugurating the 60 feet hanuman statue. though it's 9:00 pm temple still their is crowd in the temple.

Suddenly my eyes noticed a red Verna with number AP 15 G 321. Stop...stop...stop I said to auto driver gave him the meter charge and entered into the temple with a loads of loads happiness and I don't know why my heart beat increases. May be b'coz of excitement,I could feal that lub dub sound. and moved forward.

God might surprise seeing me in temple though it's near to my room but i never visited Atleast Once. Though I visited this time the reason is different. How funny I thought for a while and kept on scanning every face in the temple ...I almost done but I couldn't find her. Suddenly a idea sparked in my mind like a temple bell sound. I ran out of temple and stood few steps away from her car . It's been 20 minutes but she did not come then I can see one uncle with a white shirt,gray pant,balled head,frame less spect's coming towards car and finally opened the door and sat in the driving seat. I started thinking. Is he vishesta's father? And he left from their, I reached room thinking....about him.

back to pavilion! Again I started thinking about her. Virul fever disappeared within minutes after I found the car.but I came to a confirmation that she might be staying within the surroundings of my room area. I already found her in Facebook but i am not happy to send friend request to her b'coz I met her in bus stop like that. It doesn't mean that I can send her friend request and it makes a bad impression on me if I do so i felt.But I Check her profile twice a day.... Like this I passed 2 more months.

Days starting with her name ,days ending in her dreams but I couldn't find her and I lost bit hope too..

November which is almost end for rainy season. But these days we cant predict when it rain's when it's not but it's raining that day. While returning from from office a red Verna came opposite to me i stopped my bike and very first thing I checked the number plate before checking who is sitting In. it's her car Again my heart beat increased with excitement. I looked in to car, suddenly my face turned into sad expression. It's him the same person whom I saw at temple. This time almost confirmed that he is vishesta's father and rain increased its speed too... I left as usual.

I totally lost hopes and almost forgot her..As my routine I checked her f.B profile this time I am very much disturbed.

It's her birthday on December 10 and today it's Dec-7

I slept very late that night b'coz i started fighting with myself whole night. Saying why I saw her? and why she spoke to me?though it happened why I should die for her! And why did I check her f.B profile?All the nonsense stuff in brain questioned me whole night.

Next morning I felt very uncomfortable but I must attend office. So I went to office though I attended I am not That much concentrating on work I could hear all the names vivek, vishwa, vikas Krishna, etc I dnt know why this h.r reading this names. But one thing dragged my attention was 'v' all the names start with v and company name too starts with v vision tech solutions by the time our technical support reached my seat. Yes fhalguna do you have a complaint? Yes Rakesh I couldn't send mails through my internal mail I replied . He checked all the failed mails and said that all the to address I.d's are given wrong. What! I typed it correct,I said Then he sent a test mail to his address but it failed then he checked the mail address then he noticed 'v' is missing from visiontech then he confirmed v button is not working.

I am surprised again it's 'v' I don't know what this v is trying to tell me today. And he told that he will change my Keyboard and left. but I deeply involved in thinking about 'v' After some time and I decided to leave. And came out lift is in 6th floor and so I reached first floor by walk .then I reached parking lot from their and while unlocking my bike I saw a red Verna I ccouldn't see number plate. Again I locked my bike and walked towards car, I am shocked it her car . Yes it is. confusion at one side and happiness on other sideThen I noticed that car parked in Walden book shops parking place which is located in first floor of our 6 floor office.

But it might be her father I guessed. And I ran into Walden, my heart beat increased again I took a deep breath and combed my hair with my hand and I began to search her all around and I noticed person with white shirt,black pant, his back facing to me with his shining bald head. I almost dead again she disappointed me once more and My eyes filled with tears and I decided to take a glance of her father's face Atleast and I stood next to him and picked out some random book from rack and pretended like reading book slowly looked at face it's shocked me he is not her father again glow raised in my face. And looked around but I couldn't see any curly hair or dimpled cheek.

I saw a girl in greetings section with short curly hair but I doubt it's not her and I couldn't see her face she is looking other side and slowly I moved to greetings ssection. In slow motion she turned towards me holding greeting. Woooooo it's her! This is what all the v's hinted me from the morning,I am speechless, my body started shivering, heart beat increased to peaks. I couldn't believe and she made a Bob cut hairstyle.

Gathering all my guts ,praying God inside. "Hi"I spoked out. She looked at me strangely. Don't u remember me? I added I dnt know what i am speaking But I spoke. No! Sorry she replied with confusion.strike day,bus stop you asked me for the bus. Ya Ya... she replied. How you have been? I asked as if we know each other very well. I am doing good. She replied. Nice greeting! I kept her involving in conversation. thanks she replied with a smile Suddenly that greeting remind me her birthday they after tomorrow. But why she is buying greetings for her self I confused. "Mothers birthday" I noticed on that greeting. is that for your mother? I asked. Ya it's for my mother she replied. Today is her birthday?I asked again.No it's they after tomorrow. Hoo.. Wish her on behalf of me I said with a close up Advertising smile. She passed away 2 years back I just place this at her photo she replied With a serious expression. I am totally strucked with shock. mother and daughter born on same day but mother is no more. How sad! And I stood with no word's. Sorry I said. It's okay. Hey... You work in vision tech. She asked looking at my I.d in my neck. Ya in 4th floor by the way I am fhalguna I said. I am vishesta she replied. I know your name vishi I said it to myself.

Then she started moving towards counter I too joined her,how often you visit Walden?I asked.thrice a week I am a book warm she made me happy and now I can meet her more often. books you ordered will come on 10th madam said person on the counter. and I could see some music books and chetan bagath

Novel and few dairy silk chocolates in his hands.okay I will collect them on 10th for sure she replied. Now i am on cloud nine my heart flowing with happiness.b'coz I can meet her on or card madam? he asked. She gave her card typed pin number and signed on Bill with left hand It confirmed her as left handy and I am watching her too close her Bob cut ,the big circle silver ear rings,dimpled left cheek and woow how angelic she is! now She took the cover given by counter and left the debit card on the counter and about to leave. Hey vishi your card I alerted her. Ho.. Thanks a lot she said with smile and collected the card from counter. No mention i replied. She smiled looking at me by the time, madam your chocolates cover too counter person reminded again. Hahaha she laughed this time. It's a treat to me watching her laughing like that. She took the cover and picked one dairy silk and gave it to me. I was surprised, you are giving b'coz i reminded you the card? I asked. No for calling me as mom use to call me she said. I can see her eyes filled with tears. I smiled at her. Meet you on 10th then I said. Ya sure I will be coming to collect my books at same time she hinted and left from their with a beautiful smile. I too purchased a chetanbagath novel and left.

It's UN expressble feeling only experiencing this situation will make you know how much happiness it brings to the person. Any finally I met her "AT WALDEN WITH BOB CUT."

Falgunas friend: after that what happen fhalu.....?

Fhalguna:Then I completely involved in preparation for that day I took leave. I know how to surprise her. But I am afraid that will she accept me or not? I found her after long search..all these running in my mind. But I decided to be frank.

10th Dec : b'coz i took leave I didn't attend office but more than that I am going to deal with the most important issue of life. Very much tensed! But I planned every thing. And started from the room with a gift pack. Though I planned every thing still I have a doubt she will come or not!

Finally I reached Walden and I can see her car in parking. It made me happy. Then I entered into Walden

She stood at counter and paying bill. Hey ... Hi she said with smile that dimpled smile gave me a positive sign+energy. Hi..I will be waiting at cinemax I have a surprise for you so please come I said. What surprise ... She said with a strange expression. You please come just for few minutes I will be waiting bye. I said and I left .

I was waiting at cinemax opposite to the Walden and the tension in me reached its maximum level I already completed 2 water bottles.

Then she entered I waved at her she came with a strange smile.. I took her to a table where I made all arrangements. She totally surprised and asked what's happening fhalguna? I wished her happy birthday and immediately revealed the special made cake. Hahaha how did you know my birthday? She asked. I will tell first you cut the cake I said

Completed the cake cutting program, and now I took out the gift . Surprise+gift ha how did you know about birthday yar. Through f.b? Come on tell me know she asked. Ya I first take the gift I said. She took and immediately she started opening it's a violin. Haha haha again a shock how did you know all these things hero?she asked again. Sure you saw my f.b profile I think. She said.

I now took my seat and drank some water and I told her every thing from strike day bus stop scene to present gift scene in the middle of the explanation itself she understood that I started liking her from the very first day. And I completed my explanation. You did this all? To find me. Really you did this? You are searching me from past 6 months? She asked seriously. I didn't look at her and I said yee.. Yes! Ho... God you really gone made. Do you know that? She questioned again seriously. Ya I gone mad for you. Really I love you!

I proposed her with out looking at her and closed my eyes by putting my head down.

She remained calm for some time.I expected scoldings with a tight slap but it not happened.slowly opened my eyes. She is looking at me with smile and blushing which she trying to hide with her left hand covering her lips but her dimples revealed it. And her eyes glowing with happiness. But I too remained calm. And again I put my head down.

Then she lifted my chin up with her hand. And asked why did you put your face down? I am afraid that you might slap me so I did it. She is trying hard to stop her laugh but she can't she became red. I am totally confused and want to know what's running in her mind. Did I become a joker doing all this? I was thinking. then She became calm again and drank some water . I want some time to think about it she said . Ya take your own time ..I added. thanks for the gift bye.She is ready to leave. Vi.. I about to call but didn't. But she heard

Ya tell she asked. Nothing! I replied. You want to ask something come on say it said vishi.. Number! I murmured but she understood tell me your number she asked. 54356278 i told okay I will let you know in 2days. She said. You take 2months or your own time no problem. I said. Then she took the gift box and left.

Falghuna's friend: did she accepted or not ?

Fhalguna: guess what!

Falghuna's friend: what! come on tell me man.

Fhalguna: I got reply with in 2 minutes.

Fhalguna's friend:what! But how

Fhalguna:, she sent me a sms saying that "you really an idiot you don't even know how to ask my number Atleast... let's meet at the same time same place after office tomorrow. This time you prepare well and propose me. And thanks for the most memorable surprise" . Fhalguna's friend: after that.

Fhalguna : after that it's been 2 years since she accepted me . Now she is working in a.r rehaman's music troop as lead violinist and I am as a project manager for a leading mnc ..

And all happies :).
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April 15, 2015 - 10:38 Woow it nice....I like both the parts

April 15, 2015 - 10:38 Woow it nice....I like both the parts

April 15, 2015 - 13:31 Hey nice story. Different love story I liked it

April 17, 2015 - 08:59 Loved it..!!! Cute love story..!!!!

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